IRA Contributions

Did you know that you can make a charitable contribution through your IRA? The funds distributed will count to your required minimum distribution. Additionally, if you’re 70.5 or older, there are some added tax benefits to making a “Qualified Charitable Distribution” in this way.

Whenever funds are withdrawn from a traditional IRA this is a taxable event. However, if you donate the funds directly to support TSF, they are no longer taxable. That’s even better than the benefits of making a standard charitable contribution. When you contribute to our mission in this way it minimizes your tax obligation at the federal and state level and it may even keep you in a lower tax bracket.

The funds must be delivered directly to the nonprofit organization in order for them to qualify as tax-free. To set-up this process, you should work with the financial institution that set-up your IRA.

We appreciate the support of all of our donors! It is YOU who enables us to advocate for women and girls who have Turner Syndrome around the nation.

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