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Star Sisters monthly meetup events are for all ages, and parents, who want to connect with others in the Turner Syndrome community. Reunite with old friends and introduce yourself to new friends!

Girls and women, who were fortunate to attend in person events, have had the experience of making friends, who across the miles, remain inseparable. This monthly meetup will allow for informal introductions to people with the hopes of making such connections.

Join once and be notified of monthly meetups! Check the calendar for event dates. With larger groups, break-out rooms will allow for smaller groups to interact and get to know one another. For parents who want to be included, you must register each person and use your own individual device as there may be separate break-out rooms during the event.

We all need a good friend on this life’s journey. We hope that you come along to enjoy an evening of introductions, stories, laughter and more. Space is limited, please register early. We look forward to seeing you!

Meeting Link:
Check the email you provided to receive the meeting links. The meeting link and format may change at times since this is a monthly event.

You will be invited to a private Facebook Group, exclusively for Star Sisters.

If you cannot make a donation, add $1.00 paid by check to process your request. Note, you will not be charged and you will receive access to the webinar. If you can give today, please do so. Our mission needs your support

Star Sister Meetup

Hear what other people are saying:

The Star Sisters National Friendship Day Zoom hangout last night was so much fun! Nice to meet all the other wonderful fellow TS sisters! There were a lot of new faces.🙂 It was so great to get to connect with other women with Turner Syndrome who understand. Thank you for putting this event together! Hope we can do it again! – Cassidy

Donations and sponsorships make learning events such as this WE LEARN webinar activity provided freely and accessible to everyone. Please support today!

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