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Star Sisters

star sisters turner syndrome webinar

Star Sisters is a way to connect women and girls with Turner Syndrome to share honest experiences and form a sisterhood of positivity. This is an opportunity to raise awareness while receiving support. All meet-ups and events occur online – so anyone, anywhere can participate! 

Join now to receive:

  • Webinars hosted by experts, life coaches & more
  • Closed Facebook group for Star Sisters only
  • Virtual hangouts for Star Sisters members
  • Opportunity to connect with other TS women & girls
  • Learn from the best – each other!
Women, girls, and parents are all encouraged to join at the link below! 
Volunteers interested in supporting this initiative to speak, write, provide a service, or donate can also register below.

Star Sisters virtual meetups

We have virtual meetups for all Star Sisters who are part of the closed Facebook group! They can vary from fun activities to discussions about life with Turner Syndrome. If you’ve joined Star Sisters but aren’t in the Facebook group, you can join it here.

Star Sisters Bingo

Everyone loves bingo, and we have decided to turn it into a fun opportunity to help Star Sisters members connect with each other and learn about the resources we offer. If you’re in the Star Sisters Facebook group, you can participate! Learn more here.

One Star Sister, Katie, in her "Be Brave, Be Strong, Be You" t-shirt from TSF! This and more available in our shop!

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