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Plans for post secondary education generally begins early in adolescence: keeping up the grades, taking academic classes, developing a resume. Beginning early in adolescence to assume autonomy for one’s personal responsibilities, including grades, are the first steps for college or vocational school, and there is no exception for young women with Turners Syndrome. Planning ahead and exploring different options for occupational development and personal interest is the pathway to developing a vision for financial security and personal satisfaction.

Scholarships At this time we are not aware of any scholarships specifically for Turner Syndrome, but that does not mean that they do not exist. Scholarships and grants are offered through local school, community, college and federal programs. Obtaining a scholarship is a competitive process. Scholarships may be offered for academic, athletic, socio-economic need-based, or even health related for candidates who match the scholarship criteria. Applicants are challenged to meet certain qualifications within a determined timeline.  You can schedule time to speak with the student’s guidance counselor or perhaps an education specialist to explore every option as well as for assistance submitting the application.

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Turner Syndrome Foundation does not offer paid scholarship awards of any kind. The links provided here are a sample of sites that offer information for anyone seeking a higher education. When seeking support to cover the expense of higher education, source local scholarships from within your community, county and state. Ask your school counselor to assist you in your search and preparedness for the application throughout this rigorous process. 

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