Learners and Parents

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College Preparation

All college-bound adolescents – including girls with TS – should begin to plan ahead by exploring options and by taking academic responsibilities seriously (such as maintaining good grades and participating in extracurricular activities). Some adolescents may know precisely what they wish to pursue after high school, but for others, identifying personal interests for occupational development is the pathway to developing a vision for personal satisfaction (and future financial security).  High schools may administer an occupational interest inventory to help identify careers that correspond with a student’s interests and skills; these tests can also be found online. The results of an occupational interest inventory also assist high school guidance counselors as they work with the student to identify options that may include college.

Choosing a College

High school guidance counselors can also assist in choosing a college, preparing college applications and by identifying potential scholarship opportunities. Parents and college-bound girls will need to consider the parameters of options – such as proximity to home, availability of academic support, cost and availability of financial assistance. It is important to note that there are many four-year colleges that offer structured and proactive support programs for students with learning disabilities.

Financial Assistance

Obtaining a scholarship is a competitive process. Scholarships may be offered for academic, athletic, socio-economic need-based, or even health related for candidates who match the scholarship criteria. Applicants are challenged to meet certain qualifications within a determined timeline.  You can schedule time to speak with the student’s high guidance counselor and prospective college financial aid officer to explore every option as well as for assistance submitting applications.

Learners and Parents

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