Treats & Sweets Bake Sale

What better way to spread the word about Turner Syndrome than with something as simple and fun as a Treats & Sweets Bake Sale!!!  Do you love to bake or enjoy cookies, cupcakes and healthy treats? Well then, this proceeds benefit is just for you. And all proceeds from the sale go directly to raising awareness and providing support to the girls and women affected by TS.

Our Story

We came up with the Treats & Sweets for Turner Syndrome bake sale as a simple and fun way for those affected by TS to help raise awareness in their local community and have fun while doing it.

How to Host a Treats & Sweets for TS Bake Sale

1) Sign up! 

So, are you ready to get started?  We have lots of items to help you out with your bake sale. First you will need to sign up as a volunteer. Express your interest in hosting a Treats & Sweets for TS Bake Sale by completing the Event Organizer Form.

2) Get others involved:

Once you have registered as a host of a Treats & Sweets for Turner Syndrome bake sale, you can begin by recruiting bakers, volunteers and even donations!  You can tell your story and let your family, friends, neighbors, churches, and schools know what you are doing and ask them to help out by baking sweets, spreading the word, helping out the day of the bake sale or simply by making a donation. Also, be sure to ask your local bakeries and supermarkets to donate baked goods as well…you will be amazed at how many people will want to help!

3) Choose a location: 

Once your team is assembled, you will need to pick your location!  You should choose an area that is high traffic like a shopping center, a mall, a big sports event or even a local community event that is sure to pull a big crowd.  Please be sure to get permission from the owner of the property or event.

4) Promote:

So, you’ve got your team, you’ve got your location now it’s time to promote, promote, promote!  In order to have a successful bake sale, you will really need to promote it.  Contact your local newspapers, radio and TV stations and ask them to promote your bake sale.  Hang flyers, advertise in church bulletins, newsletters, send out an email blast to your family and friends and ask them to forward it to their family and friends.  Blog about it, post it on your social network. ORDER TREATS AND SWEETS SUPPLIES

TSF bake saleOrder our Bake Sale Kit: 

Our Bake Sale Kit is filled with branded materials to authentic your event. The kit includes:  100 treat bags, 100 stickers, 2 spools of ribbon (to tie your treat bags), 100 TS information cards, 10 Short & Sweet buttons, & more.  You can also order TREATS AND SWEETS t-shirts and banners and additional materials on our website. ORDER A BAKE SALE KIT

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