Celebration Events

When you do something so special as supporting Turner Syndrome Foundation at one of the most important celebrations of your life, it sends a message to the people who are close to you. Essentially, this generous display of philanthropy is reflective of a greater social consciousness and life values.

Forget the favors

Give the money you would spend on a trinket to this cause. Make a donation and receive place cards for your guests that explain the gift you made.

Involve the party

Instead of the usual soiree, consider an activity for TSF support. Sign up your party to do a walk or volunteer as part of Team TSF!

Sweets and Treats for TS

Setup a sweet station at your event to benefit TSF. Branded materials can be customized for your event.

Spread the word on your event website.

Set up a personal fundraising page with TSF and post it on your site; it’s like an ad, telling visitors what cause you endorse and why. If your guests feel inclined to make a monetary contribution, they can simply click on the badge to begin.

Event planners and philanthropic advisers say there is good in supporting charity. Setting the trend to give back in a meaningful way invites guests to support a charity that means so much to you.

Social conscious event planning is good!

Contact us for assistance setting up a charity giving page and custom materials for your next event

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