About Team TSF

Team TSF was created to raise support and awareness of Turner Syndrome. Team TSF has been an official charity of and participated in several well-established and respected events throughout the country such as the Lifetime and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series in many states including New Jersey, Arizona, New York, Tennessee, Washington, Florida, and Texas… and expanding!

“I think I may know someone who has TS” is a common response from people who see TSF’s bright green shirts and signs at awareness events and ask, “What is Turner Syndrome?” These events are excellent opportunities to educate the general public about Turner Syndrome while creating an energetic community of support for those affected. Heel-to-pavement, we are making a difference!

Join the National Team TSF Movement!

Participate in one of our already established athletic events or register for an event of your choice. Team TSF is not limited to 5Ks, 10K, half marathons or marathons. You can register on your own for a triathlon, cycling event or any athletic event of your choice. Think outside the box and find exciting venues and experiences to raise awareness!

Team Member Spotlight

Team TSF Victoria: A Mother Daughter Duo

Victoria and I ran in the half marathon together. Our journey was slow and painful. We limped through the finish line. A specialist told us that girls with TS aren’t supposed to go out for 13.1 miles. They aren’t designed to do so. Victoria has a shortened tendon, which is why she was in so much pain during her first half-marathon. Victoria has an inner determination. If someone tells her, “You can’t do that because of your limitations,” she finds the strength to prove them wrong. She told me that this was an activity that she wanted to continue doing. We were advised to remove a few toenails to prevent future infections and given stretches to improve mobility.

Running in the NJ Half Marathon provides us with discipline and motivation. This year we don’t want to limp through the finish line. We recall the pain, but we want to have victory and hopefully a better finish time. We are not out there to be the fastest. Our goal is to encourage each other with health and fitness. As we cross the finish line this year, we will have tears of joy. We are Team TSF Victoria. We are strong!

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