Memorial Tribute

Establish a Memorial Campaign in Honor of a Loved One

This type of gift made in memory is often in lieu of flowers for a funeral service, an anniversary of the individual’s passing or other special times of remembrance.

Philanthropic support at a difficult time can bring console to a grieving family.

There are ways to show your support:

  1. REGISTER a Memorial Tribute Fund
  2. SEARCH by name to designate a donation
  3. MAKE a one-time donation
  4. GIVE monthly
  5. MAIL print & mail donation form


Your gifts will be acknowledged to the person or family that you designate at the time of your gift. They will receive a card with the name of the person who is honored or memorialized, identifying you as the donor. The amount of the donation is not revealed to the honoree or the family. You will receive an acknowledgment for your tax-deductible contribution. Your gift and the tribute will also be recognized in Turner Syndrome Foundation’s Annual Donor Report.

To assist you in your time of need TSF, upon request, will provide contribution envelopes.

If you need any assistance, we are here to assist you. CONTACT US

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