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How very thoughtful! In lieu of gifts donating is very convenient and popular among people who want to commemorate an event and pay it forward. Print the image here to display, or if would like a custom certificate to frame for your special occasion, please contact us. Allow sufficient time for production & mailing. Measures 8″x10″ suitable for framing. To order:

1). Make an online Donation

2). Call or email certificate request

Phone: (800) 594-4585 


In lieu of gifts
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Mail donations payable to the Turner Syndrome FOUNDATION. Include name of tribute (honoree), event or occasion.
Print offline donation form

Mailing Address:

Turner Syndrome Foundation
P. O. Box 726
Holmdel, NJ 07733

The New York Times, recently wrote an article on the growing trend of couples-to-be replacing unique wedding gifts and favors with heartfelt donations that represent something bigger than themselves. Party favors are being replaced with meaning and purpose. Instead of dropping big bucks on something that cannot be properly regifted, and with the goal of doing something for a greater good, some people are choosing to donate to a charity of choice. We invite you to symbolize a special occasion while supporting the Turner Syndrome Foundation. 

Commemorate any occasion with a gift to support Turner Syndrome Foundation.
Thank you!

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