Health Department Advocacy

The responsibility of the Health Departments across the United States is to ensure the health and well-being of all Americans, by providing effective health and human services.

While there are many federal health agencies to ensure the health and well-being of Americans, it is the responsibility of state and local health departments to make sure that Americans in their region get access to the resources they need. As the needs and problems of each region can vary greatly across the country, it is the collective effort of all health departments that helps ensure the well-being of all Americans in this country as a whole.

The Turner Syndrome Foundation’s public health initiative would like to explore if state health departments in the United States are addressing the special needs of people with genetic disorders, specifically Turner Syndrome.

By completing this survey, we can uncover and measure how different regions help Americans affected by Turner Syndrome. Additionally we would like to create a network with health agencies to exchange information and resources on Turner Syndrome. All together we can create advancements in awareness and care that will positively help all Americans affected by Turner Syndrome.

US Health Departments
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