Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) offers meaningful internships and Federal Work Study opportunities for nearly every major. TSF is currently affiliated with Monmouth University, Rutgers University, and Brookdale Comm. College. New affiliations are always welcomed.

Generally, these internships and FWS relationships are mutually beneficial and rewarding.

Students are provided an opportunity to:

  • Work in the administrative office of the Turner Syndrome Foundation, Hazlet, NJ
  • Be a part of staff, dress business casual, and adhere to a working schedule
  • Exhibit a willingness to collaborate, contribute, and engage in a positive manner exhibiting excellent communication skills
  • Pay no fees for participation
  • Be awarded an unpaid internship
  • Be employed through the Federal Work Study program

Suggested majors

  • Anthropology major will study behaviors from population data.
  • Biology/Pre-Med major will learn about the epidemiology of Turner Syndrome to evaluate and curate resources and interact with professionals and consumers.
  • Communications major can help steward the mission for real-world objectives through various media channels to elicit awareness for change
  • Education major can investigate and create learning instruments and resources for academic and social success. Many with TS possess learning difference requiring early intervention and ongoing accommodations.
  • Finance/Accounting major can provide accounting as well as long-term financial strategies to manage, plan, and monitor growth.
  • History and Political Science major will concentrate and work with volunteers promoting legislative advocacy for awareness
  • Information Systems (MS) major can manage, modify and update website(s) and multiple platform integration
  • Journalism major will interview and write consumer and professional articles, press release, and blog.
  • Mathematics with concentration in statistics major will propagate metrics for reporting, proposals, and analysis.
  • Marketing/Graphic Design major can provide novel methods to expand awareness and support for this cause through novel print, digital, and social media campaigns and strategic integration
  • Psychology major can help us learn and improve individuals and caregivers behaviors as well as develop new resources to assist them in this process
  • Social Work major provides clinical support and case management
  • Sociology major can help us understand the experience of social systems and how individuals react to them and how to improve them
  • Spanish and International Business Bi-lingual candidates communicate with clients and translates resources.




Applications are taken on a rolling basis for Fall, Spring, & Summer semesters.

TSF will contact you to setup an interview. If you are not within driving distance, we will arrange a telephone call. It is our goal to attend promptly to internship inquiries.

To allow students to customize their internship experiences, the undergraduate internship program requires the student to:

  1. Be a student in good academic standing. FWS students must be from an affiliated university.
  2. Students are asked to complete the application, include internship dates, and furnish additional information.
  3. Read through the Talent Management Handbook and agree to terms.
  4. If your internship is sought to attain scholarly accreditation or if you wish to apply your work to a school-based project, please be sure to include details on your application.
  5. To be awarded an internship, candidate must furnish the application and information as requested.
  1. Copy of driver’s license
  2. Professional headshot photo
  3. Brief professional biography (Describe your background, field of study/project/interest, and objectives in serving this mission)

Yes. Provide all materials, including project proposal, IRB application and certificate, project title, description, consent letters, and a letter of recommendation from project professor. Allow sufficient time for review and consideration.

Provide a copy of your project for review by the Turner Syndrome Foundation
Your report will not be published without TSF consent.
Prior authorization for use of TSF name and logo or branded materials is required. TSF will be permitted to use the report for advocacy purposes.

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Call – (732) 847-3385

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