Public Advocacy

Legislators have the power to pass bills into law that will have a direct impact on the American people. By communicating with legislators, we can empower them to pass a bill for Turner Syndrome women to improve quality of care.

Join the efforts of the TSF Legislative Advocacy Team. Speak up and speak out to make a difference!

Not sure where to start? We have created an easy to use tool that explains everything you need to know about legislative advocacy. All it takes is passion and a little bit of time to join this effort, and each person who joins strengthens our cause.

After you sign the PETITION, Request the Legislative Advocacy Packet, which contains tips to get started, materials to communicate with legislators, and more.

Continue the momentum and spread the word to gain more people striving together for this effort!

Glossary of Terms You’ll Need to Know

  • State legislature– an elected body of officials who are empowered to make, change, or repeal the laws of a state
  • General Assembly, House of Representatives, or House of Delegates– the lower house of the bicameral legislature-the larger house
  • Congress– the national legislative body consisting of elected officials who make, change, or repeal the laws of the country
  • Senate– the upper house of the bicameral legislature. Each state has 2 Senators, who serve for 6 year terms
  • House of Representatives– the lower house of the bicameral legislature. There are 435 Representatives, and each state is allotted spaces based on their population, who serve for 2 year terms
  • Bill– a draft of a proposed law
  • Canvassing– systematic initiation of direct contact with individuals for community awareness and support.
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