Caring for a child with TS

Caring for a child with TS can be challenging, but there are resources to help you better understand and learn more information.

Every day
Life with TS

Every day life with Turner Syndrome can affect many aspects beyond health. Learn what you can do to manage your health & wellness to live to the fullest.

Transition to Adult Living

Continuing practices of good health & wellness into adulthood begins in early adolescence. Create a plan for transitioning into adult care.


There are treatment options to improve quality of life and treat complex health issues. Learn what you need to know to manage your health.

Coming to terms with a recent diagnosis is a different process for everyone. There is neither a right or wrong way of when you decide to share the information or who you share the information with. Always remember that TS does not define a person.  

Our map is a user-friendly, growing resource that lists specialized centers of care in the United States. Use this tool to find care near you and submit the doctors you or your child see so it can be added to our list of resources.

Establishing good relationships and ensuring the best possible care for your child starts with open communication. Have confidence and use your communication skills to self-advocate.

Understand Turner Syndrome throughout all stages of life. A well-informed caregiver will find what they need to know to advocate for their child to ensure the best possible future. Information for expectant parents, parents of newborns, early childhood, adolescents and transition to adult care is available.

Treatment for growth and pubertal development are treatment options initiated early in life for best outcomes. 

The impact of TS can create various cognitive issues, as well as social issues, for all different ages. Become familiar with the impact it can have and learn more about non-verbal learning disability, ADD/ADHD, and more.


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