TSF Annual Report

Volunteers, donors, and Team TSF members are the force behind everything we do at the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Because of your support, TSF does more to reduce diagnosis age, improve treatment options, and increase access to care. Your dedication to our mission is paving the way for care and support that will change lives.

This year’s annual report shows the impact and progress of your support. Learn what we’re doing to raise awareness, educate professionals, and influence research to unlock the mysteries of this condition. You’ll also read stories of people like you, who want to see a better future for Turner Syndrome care and will do what it takes to get there. To usher a new day for this cause, newfound philanthropy and leadership must influence awareness, support, and progress to improve care outcomes.

Join us and we’ll work together, walk together, and dream together to get her the care she deserves.

Impact this important mission by becoming a supporter today. As you learned in the Report, this complex condition requires increased philanthropic support. There are many ways to give. Find out how at https://turnersyndromefoundation.org/become-supporter/

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