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A Girl’s Guide to Living with TS

Tina Talks Turner’s is a video and interactive companion book that helps young girls understand their Turner Syndrome diagnosis and helps caregivers share that diagnosis. Order your copy now – available here only!

“Hi! My name is Tina. When my parents told me I’ve got a medical condition called Turner Syndrome, I had a lot of questions. In time, I got some answers and want to share them with you in case you have them, too.”

Studies show that well-meaning parents often withhold a diagnosis because they don’t feel equipped to do so. Unfortunately, choosing not to share a diagnosis can lead to feelings of isolation and mistrust. Full disclosure begins a process of self-education, understanding, and acceptance. Receiving an early diagnosis allows a young girl to come to terms with her condition, improving long-term outcomes.

The child-friendly Tina Talks Turner’s video and book walks a young girl through her diagnosis, from receiving growth hormone treatment to feeling different amongst her classmates. A theme of hope permeates Tina’s message, showing girls that they are not alone in their diagnosis and can live the life of their dreams. The companion book features journal pages for girls to share their feelings – providing meaningful insight to facilitate an open discussion. Book is available for purchase exclusively through TSF and a portion of proceeds will directly benefit TSF!

View the video and a book sample below!

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