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More and more schools are including Turner Syndrome in their biology lessons.  Turner Syndrome Foundation’s website offers a wide array of information. If there is something specific you are looking for, use the search field. If you would like something specific, please complete the request form below. Thank you for learning about Turner Syndrome. Best of luck to you on your school project and studies!
Turner Syndrome School Projects Information Request Form

Example note from a young scholar:
To whom it may concern, I am doing a school project on Turner Syndrome. As part of the project, it is my responsibility to contact an organization. It would be great if you could send a brochure or anything I can use to educate myself as well as my classmates on Turner Syndrome. Since this is a school project, a prompt response would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Philip D. (9th grade)

Testimony: “Thank you so much for your help and time, it was appreciated. It helped me to get a great grade!!  Thanks again,

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