A diagnosis of Turner Syndrome may come during pregnancy or at birth, but for some the diagnosis may arrive sometime after birth but before her first birthday. Sometimes the diagnosis is straightforward, but often it is a bit tricky. You see, every girl with Turner Syndrome is affected uniquely with some subtle outward indications, and often some health symptoms.

Common indications during infancy are:

    • Lymphedema, puffy hand or feet
    • Dysmorphic facial features, including eyes, ears
    • Webbed neck, wide with extra skin fold
    • Small size, poor growth
    • Failure to thrive
    • Feeding issues
    • Bone and joint issues; dislocated hip
    • Surgery- heart, kidneys, bladder

Become familiar with Infant Milestones. Turner babies generally adhere to the standard infant milestones. You should remind yourself that each girl is affected differently. If you have any concerns about your daughters development, you should share this with your pediatrician or endocrinologist.

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