She’s a bundle of energy, exploring, talkative, and possibly exhibiting some wonderfully challenging behaviors. Sure, this may be typical of most toddlers, but this child has something uniquely hers, she has Turner Syndrome.

Some of the common indications for toddlers at this age may be demanding attention through her precocious behaviors. She is talkative, petite in stature, at times can be very bold or shy, and she may like to play independently most of the time. Not to say there can be any variation of these possible traits because as stated earlier, she is uniquely herself and she will grow and develop into her own person.

Whether she has received the diagnosis at preterm, birth, or later, or you have just received the news recently, now that you know of the diagnosis you can make the necessary arrangements to assemble a team of care providers.  In addition, you can also seek an evaluation through your state to see if she would qualify and benefit to receive early interventions, including physical, occupational, or speech therapies. Socialization during these early years will help her later in life when friendships often can become a challenge.

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