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Community of Advocates: Staff & Volunteers

Laura Fasciano
Director and Founding President


Determined to make a difference in the lives of individuals with Turner Syndrome through education, research and support, I founded this organization to advocate for a randomly acquired and complex condition affecting women. Precious lives, families and communities are struggling for answers.

Dot Smith
Health Initiatives Coordinator


As part of the Turner Syndrome Foundation team, I am here to help find solutions to your everyday questions and concerns. Using the abundance of information on our website, my daily communication reaches the person who contacts TSF, whether by e-mail to welcome the new registrant or by phone to share the emotions of a newly diagnosed woman.


Alexis Gratton
Program Development Coordinator


As the Program Development Coordinator for Turner Syndrome Foundation, I listen to the needs of the women in our community and watch industry trends to create programs that assist in fulfilling TSF’s mission. To ensure program success, I collaborate with colleagues to develop funding proposals, resources, and marketing materials. Outside of the office, I’ve volunteered at TSF events and ran a half marathon and 5K for Team TSF. Being a part of TSF gives me a first-hand view into just how great an impact this organization makes in the Turner Syndrome community, and I am happy to give back in any way that I can!

Monica Bobadilla
Talent & Communication Coordinator

In the role as Talent & Communication Coordinator,  I share the excitement of advocacy opportunities with individuals and companies to encourage support for the important objectives of the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Creating new alliances for a greater awareness, allows me to understand the personal or professional commitment of our talented volunteers. It is my goal to align each with a meaningful way to give back and get involved. There is an opportunity here for everyone.

Erin Yanarella
Financial & Accounting Coordinator

I am generously committed to the mission of the Turner Syndrome Foundation. As I round out my senior year at Monmouth University, I continue my work with TSF on data forensics, analysis, and budgeting.

Elizabeth Carmines
Advocacy Coordinator


I am a student at Monmouth University in my senior year, pursuing a double major in Political Science and Sociology. I am excited to be a part of Team TSF, organizing advocacy efforts by communicating with legislators, corporate leaders, and community members to raise support for Turner Syndrome. I believe that personal connections are an important part of implementing effective solutions to social issues, and will continue to utilize every effort to make the health of Turner Syndrome patients a priority in our society.

Parneet Kaur
Registry Coordinator


The mission of the Turner Syndrome Foundation, as a bilingual speaker is to infuse diversity in our patient outreach to increase education and facilitate support to all young girls, and women with Turner Syndrome. It’s highly important that our families know we are here to help, communicate, and bring comfort in more than one language.

Olivia Gonzales
Marketing & Publicity Coordinator


Being a part of the Turner Syndrome Foundation, to me, means that I can contribute to those dealing with TS alone. My goal for Turner Syndrome Foundation is that we make the awareness of this cause even greater and find support for the girls and women living with Turner Syndrome. I plan to use my skills in media and publicity to open up a whole new world to people unaware of TS and broaden the foundation’s horizons.

Jessica Gets
Research & Program Coordinator

I am a student of Brandeis University in pursuit of a major in Health: Science, Society, and Policy with a minor in Biology. I am an athlete on the BU fencing team and an active member of Russian Club. In my free time, I enjoy drawing and taking pictures. After graduation, I plan to attend medical school and pursue a career as an ophthalmologist. My mission at Turner Syndrome Foundation is to raise awareness and enhance medical care of those affected by Turner Syndrome. I will accomplish this mission through advocacy, networking, and educating myself and others through my research efforts.

 Our Team Makes an Impact – Join Us!  Volunteer@tsfusa.org

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Turner Syndrome Foundation

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