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Laura Fasciano
Director and Founding President

Determined to make a difference in the lives of individuals with Turner Syndrome through education, research and support, I founded this organization to advocate for a randomly acquired and complex condition affecting women. Precious lives, families and communities are struggling for answers.

Alexis Gratton
Program Development Coordinator

As the Program Development Coordinator for Turner Syndrome Foundation, I listen to the needs of the women in our community and watch industry trends to create programs that assist in fulfilling TSF’s mission. To ensure program success, I collaborate with colleagues to develop funding proposals, resources, and marketing materials. Outside of the office, I’ve volunteered at TSF events and ran a half marathon and 5K for Team TSF. Being a part of TSF gives me a first-hand view into just how great an impact this organization makes in the Turner Syndrome community, and I am happy to give back in any way that I can!

Monica Bobadilla
Talent & Communication Coordinator

In the role as Talent & Communication Coordinator,  I share the excitement of advocacy opportunities with individuals and companies to encourage support for the important objectives of the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Creating new alliances for a greater awareness, allows me to understand the personal or professional commitment of our talented volunteers. It is my goal to align each with a meaningful way to give back and get involved. There is an opportunity here for everyone.




Elizabeth Carmines
Advocacy Coordinator

I am a student at Monmouth University in my senior year, pursuing a double major in Political Science and Sociology. I am excited to be a part of Team TSF, organizing advocacy efforts by communicating with legislators, corporate leaders, and community members to raise support for Turner Syndrome. I believe that personal connections are an important part of implementing effective solutions to social issues, and will continue to utilize every effort to make the health of Turner Syndrome patients a priority in our society.

Taylor Redmond
Consumer Care Coordinator

I graduated as a Neuroscience major from Drew University in the spring of 2017 and I am going to apply to medical school in the 2018 cycle. The more I learned about Turner Syndrome, the more I understood the need for advocacy, research, and support. At the Turner Syndrome Foundation, I know I am contributing to all three of these goals by volunteering. As a volunteer at the foundation, I have the honor of learning the stories of those affected by Turner Syndrome, and attempt to connect them to the resources they need.


Team TSF

Rachel Belmont
Team TSF Coordinator &  Mentor

I am a junior and health studies major at Monmouth University with plans on applying to physical therapy programs this summer. I have run 6 full marathons including a 50 mile ultramarathon, while giving back to the community by volunteering with running charities such as Achilles International and Team for Kids. I have also overcome 3 knee surgeries, and hope to inspire others with any kind of setback that accomplishing your goals is possible.

Veronia Hanna, Registry Coordinator

Veronia S. Hanna
Registry Coordinator

M.P.H. Candidate, 2018 Rutgers School of Public Health | Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey



Alyssa Dennis


Alyssa M. Dennis
Program Assistant

Hi my name is Alyssa I am 27. I was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at birth. I am currently a medical assistant at a university affiliated  OB-GYN. The mission of the Turner Syndrome Foundation is inclusive and welcomes all to participate in patient outreach to increase education and facilitate support to all young girls and women with Turner Syndrome. It’s highly important that our families know we are here to help, communicate, and bring comfort to them through these efforts. It is a rewarding experience to help others and this good cause.



Olivia Gonzales
Marketing & Publicity Coordinator

Being a part of the Turner Syndrome Foundation, to me, means that I can contribute to those dealing with TS alone. My goal for Turner Syndrome Foundation is that we make the awareness of this cause even greater and find support for the girls and women living with Turner Syndrome. I plan to use my skills in media and publicity to open up a whole new world to people unaware of TS and broaden the foundation’s horizons.


Olivia Martel
Program Assistant, Legislative Advocacy

Hi! As a rising student at MU my goal is to bring awareness and be an advocate for all the girls in the world who deserve to have their social, emotional, and physical needs met. My personal interest in advocacy, legislative policy, and social justice perfectly align with the needs of this organization and the people we serve.

Amelia Fischer

Compiling and maintaining data is essential in my role at Turner Syndrome Foundation.



Jessica Seelinger, Consumer Care


I am a psychology major and gender studies minor at Monmouth University, planning to pursue my doctorate degree in clinical psychology after graduation. This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of the TSF team by communicating with patients and their families, as well as bringing awareness to Turner Syndrome. My main goal for this opportunity is to bring as much positivity as possible to those affected.




Max Mallet

Legislative Advocacy Volunteer

Max Mallet is a communications professional who’s passionate about giving back to his community.  With experience in the nonprofit and for-profit space, Max wants to help raise awareness about Turner Syndrome both locally and nationwide.




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