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Investors Bank is committed to making a difference for customers, employees and the communities that they serve. For them, being a good corporate citizen is all about giving back. That’s why they created the Care2Share Program.

What is Care2Share?

When you bank at Investors, you can link any personal checking or savings account to Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF), an enrolled charitable organization in this program. Investors will calculate and send quarterly contributions based upon the average monthly balances you maintain in your linked accounts.

How does it work?

When you link your eligible accounts, TSF will receive a donation from Investors Bank .25% on the average monthly balance* of your checking account or .15% on the average monthly balance* of your savings account. Simply complete the an Investors Cares2Share Accounting Linking/unlinking form below to let them know you support us!

How can you help?

Be sure to tell everyone you know about Care2Shae because the more accounts linked to TSF, the more substantial the donation we receive. This is a free enrollment and does not affect any of the features or benefits that come with your accounts.

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What accounts are eligible for Investors Care2Share Program?

Personal Accounts:

  • Investors checking accounts
  • Investors savings accounts (statement, passbook, MM, Cds)
  • Investors IRAs

Are only new accounts considered for donations to my organization?

No! If you already bank with Investors, simply complete the Account Linking/Unlinking Form below. New customers can complete this form at the time of account opening.

What information will be shared with TSF?

To protect your privacy, Investors will never divulge any specific information about your linked accounts (such as your name, the types of products you have linked, balance information, etc.)


Supporting girls and women affected by Turner Syndrome feels good; especially when there is no cost or risk to you!

  1. Complete the Linking/Unlinking fillable form
  2. Print
  3. Bring to a local Investors Bank branch near you!
  4. Promote the Investors Bank Care2Share for TSF! Print Poster

If you have questions, please contact us

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