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Everyone has a story to tell...

Every individual and their family deserve to be heard and for those that wish to share their personal story, we provide you with this platform.  The platform will allow you to raise funds for this cause.

Help raise awareness and support for Turner Syndrome. Each one of us can raise a voice to create a better understanding of the impact Turner Syndrome has on lives.

“I didn’t realize my life’s story was interesting enough or would benefit someone else. I’m taken by the response.”

Post your story in three easy steps.

  1. REGISTER and complete the application. Kickstart your fundraising with the $25 registration fee, which encourages others to support you! 
  2. CREATE your page.  Upload a photo and write your personal story. Personal stories can be about living with, caring for or loving someone affected by Turner.  Raise awareness by sharing your story. Honor, celebrate, keep your friends & family supporting this cause!  These pages can be edited and shared over and over again.
  3. SHARE your page. The information you post will be public information on the world wide web. You should consider only entering information you are comfortable sharing. Children must have the consent of their parents to post, and TSF assumes no responsibility in securing permissions, content, errors or omissions.  TSF has the right to take down or edit any material that is deemed inaccurate, inappropriate or harmful.

Influence support for advancements in Turner Syndrome care!

If you need any help setting up your personal story page, feel free to contact us for assistance:

Call: (800)594-4585

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