Casual Day

Casual Day encourages a group or office to wear casual attire together for one day in support of Turner Syndrome Foundation. Participants are also encouraged to donate in tandem with dressing casual. It is a simple concept but collectively can make a tremendous difference in the lives of women and girls worldwide.

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What is Casual Day?

Casual Day is an awareness event and fundraising opportunity that promotes community and corporate spirit. Your employees, colleagues, and more work as a team to support a common cause. With guidelines as simple as, “Wear your favorite outfit,” anyone can participate! Hosting a Casual Day in your office can boost the morale of your employees by showcasing your dedication to philanthropy.  If dressing casual is not a part of your office dress code? Host a Dress Down Day or Business Casual Friday! By choosing to host a Casual Day, your company or group will be recognized throughout the TSF community on our various social media outlets.

Getting Started:

The first step is completing the TSF Fundraising Form. Next, we’ll set up a fundraising page to begin collecting donations. Once your event is set up, promote your event by posting on your social media outlets or website, passing out fliers around your school, office, or community, and speaking to your friends and colleagues about the event. Offline donation envelopes, Turner Syndrome information & TSF materials will also be provided upon request. We’ll also help you promote your fundraising event!

It is that simple! Are you ready to get started on this FUNdraising?

Interested but not ready to get started? Not a problem! Submit the brief form below and the volunteer coordinator will contact you for guidance and assistance.

Click HERE for more opportunities.

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