Team TSF

Be a part of the Team TSF Movement

Heel-to-pavement – Team TSF was created as a venue for those who wish to raise funds for Turner Syndrome, spreading awareness about the condition.

Lace your shoes and join the movement. Run, walk, cheer, or volunteer in your community to support the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Choice of options to participate in an event, or plan one of your own.

Join or Plan an Athletic Event

Option 1: TSF pays your race fee - low fundraising commitment

The preferred choice and most popular choice is you commit to fundraising a certain amount and your entry fees and team shirt are covered by TSF.

Donate $35, select your event, and make the commitment. To help you with your efforts, you will be able to set up your own personal fundraising page. This is an excellent fundraising tool and easy to use.  


Option 2: Register on your own and be a part of Team TSF

Maybe you are already commited to a race or perhaps you are not comfortable with making a commitment to reach the minimums required in the above option. Register as part of Team TSF with only a $50 registration fee to belong to the team.  

You’ll receive an invitation to setup a personal fundraising page with no minimum, and Team TSF gear. You will pay your own event entry fees directly to the race of your choice.

Option 3: HOST YOUR OWN Team TSF event

Family fun run/walks, 5Ks, 10Ks, halfs or full marathons, cycling events, other public activities like car washes, bakesales, you name it… all are great ways to participate as part of our team. So come onboard to volunteer with Team TSF.

**You may pay your registration fees either online directly on your fundraising page, or offline by mailing/faxing/emailing the offline donation forms.**

We Are In This Together!

We are always here to help you in your efforts as a key stakeholder and supporter of Turner Syndrome Foundation. Being a part of Team TSF is a great way to DO SOMETHING for this cause!

If you have any questions or comments, let us know.
Contact us!

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