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Star Sisters Celebrate International Day of Friendship

friends on vacay

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, you too? I thought I was the only one. -C.S. Lewis Hi! My name is Amanda, and I am 21 years old with Turner Syndrome (TS). After my…

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Balancing Emotional Wellness

balancing emotional wellbeing

From time to time, we all need a little support to maintain emotional wellness. After months of sheltering in place, we must find balance in managing health and emotional wellness as we begin anew. WEBINAR TOPIC Balancing Emotional Wellness REGISTER…

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Turner Syndrome and Celiac Disease

The month of May has been dedicated to Celiac Disease Awareness. Increased awareness of both Turner Syndrome (TS) and celiac disease is critically important. Celiac disease is more prevalent in those with TS, so it is vital that patients, their…

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Thyroid Disorders in TS: The Definitive Guide

This post is based on the recent webinar by Dr. Schweiger on “Thyroid Disorders in Turner Syndrome.” It briefly highlights the two common thyroid-related autoimmune conditions, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, that greatly affect the Turner Syndrome community—hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Note: The…

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How to Set Goals to Overcome Challenges

How to Set Goals to Overcome Challenges

Do you or a loved one have challenges due to having health conditions like TS? Have you ever struggled with overcoming your challenges or setting goals? This article will help you learn what goals are, a certain goal-based system that…

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How To Call Government Officials Like A Pro

how to call government officials

Calling your local government officials is a great way to spread awareness of your cause and fight for actionable change, but many people may not know how to do it, or why. This article will tell you everything you need…

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Announcing Long Island’s Turner Syndrome Clinic

Turner Syndrome Clinics, otherwise known as Specialized Centers of Care, offer comprehensive health care for individuals with Turner Syndrome. We are happy to announce a newly-approved clinic in Long Island and share how you can find one near you! Turner…

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Sports and Other Activities for Children with Turner Syndrome

Sports Tips for Children with TS

This post highlights important tips for children with Turner Syndrome (TS) interested in sports and other activities. This information is based on a recent webinar on the Cognitive Impact of TS, hosted by the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) and presented…

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Conflict-Resolution Strategies

conflict resolution strategies

Do you have a fear of conflict? Do you have a hard time not getting emotional during a conflict? In the Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF) recent webinar with Janet Pfeiffer, President of Pfeiffer Power Seminars, LLC, we learned about strategies…

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Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Choosing a health insurance plan

In this post, we will discuss some tips on how to choose a health insurance plan based on a recent webinar presented by Pfizer and hosted by the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF). Particularly, we will focus on considerations to think…

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