Diabetes and Turner Syndrome: What You Need To Know

Turner Syndrome (TS) patients can have many diagnoses besides TS. They are at significant risk of developing autoimmune diseases, such as diabetes mellitus. November is National Diabetes Month, so let’s learn about this condition–its symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. The…

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Family Caregiving: The Most Important Job

In celebration of National Family Caregivers Month, the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) would like to recognize the significance of and immense work caregivers do for people with chronic conditions like Turner syndrome (TS). We will meet Lori, whose adult child…

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Turner Syndrome & Dental Health

Smile; October is National Dental Hygiene Month! Individuals with Turner syndrome (TS) are more susceptible to dental health problems than others. Dental problems can also slowly impact a person’s overall health. The Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) believes that all patients…

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Take Control of Your Health

Turner Syndrome (TS) patients have many different  health concerns to stay on top of. From yearly bloodwork to medications and cardiac check-ups, there is a lot to balance. With all the different information out there, managing a condition like TS…

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Turner Syndrome and the Importance of Newborn Screening

Medical advancements in newborn screening have improved the early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, including Turner syndrome (TS). This screening is efficient, cost-effective, and although not frequently talked about, includes routine tests that take place prenatally or immediately after…

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