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Coping with Diagnosis – Two Parents’ Perspectives

coping with Turner syndrome diagnosis parents

Amy and Chris are the parents of Avary, a wonderful, now four-year-old little girl who has Turner Syndrome. They have long been advocates for Turner Syndrome awareness, having navigated the stages of coping with diagnosis, finding care, and parenting a…

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Expecting a Baby Girl with Turner Syndrome

If you are a parent expecting a baby girl with Turner Syndrome, first of all, congratulations! This is an exciting time of life, despite the questions and concerns a Turner Syndrome diagnosis might bring. Turner Syndrome is completely random, and…

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My Turner Syndrome Story: Susan Herman

Woman with Turner Syndrome

Susan Herman is a woman with Turner Syndrome and a volunteer blog post editor for TSF. This is her story. “I was lucky enough to find the Turner Syndrome Foundation and other support resources. It has meant a lot to…

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We Are Over-Comers

Woman with Turner Syndrome and her husband

There will be obstacles that we may have to face in reaching our dreams and potential that others don’t, but we were born over-comers Written by Angela, TS woman and TSF volunteer, who shares about overcoming challenges My Diagnosis After…

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Positivity through the Journey

“I have always been shorter and smaller than my peers and that’s okay. I like being my own unique self! We are all beautiful, no matter what!“ Cassidy is a woman who has Turner Syndrome with a story to share….

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Running My Race- Diagnosis is not Destiny

blog series with Katie Steedly curling

by Katie Steedly Curling, PhD, Writer & Guest Blogger for TSF “Find an individual edge and push it and exceed it.” I recently completed my 14th half marathon. I started running races when I trained for a marathon at the…

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A Woman’s Perspective on Infertility

coming out turner syndrome diagnosis

by Katie Steedly Curling, PhD, Writer & Guest Blogger for TSF The Topic of Infertility Infertility is definitely not a typical holiday topic, but it is a quiet discussion that whispers around the corners of my holidays: at family gatherings,…

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Coming Out with Turner Syndrome

coming out turner syndrome diagnosis

by Katie Steedly Curling, PhD, Writer & Guest Blogger for TSF A writing teacher explained to me after he read my essay, “The Unspeakable Gift,” that the essay was the moment I came out as a woman living with Turner…

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TS Podcast: The Butterfly Pod

butterfly pod

Brooke Caron and her mom, Kathy, are veteran volunteers of the Turner Syndrome Foundation! They’ve been successful in raising awareness of TS, even getting Turner Syndrome Awareness Month declared in their home state of Maine. Now they’re getting creative with…

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Meet Doreen: Mother & Advocate

My husband Gary and I were married for 4 years, the proud parents of Paul, almost 2 years old, and pregnant with Olivia, when we received a call from our OBGYN with our amniocentesis test results. When I replied, “What…

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