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“Why me” to “What for?” A remarkable story.

Nov 08
I never thought I would have the opportunity to write about my personal Turner Syndrome story as a physician-immunologist, researcher and mother. It was an ordinary day, like any other day. I opened my email and received my daughter’s karyotype test. Her pediatrician and endocrinologist had decided to ask for this specific exam because she was worried about growth stopping in a 12-year-old girl. I just took my daughter to the pediatrician for the annual

From a daughter’s heart

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Oct 16
My mother, Paula, wearing  red and myself at 8 years of age on the right.            My story is a little unique, and hopefully inspiring, to others because as an adopted child Turner Syndrome affected my life in such a big way.              My mother, Paula, was diagnosed in the 1950’s with the second known case of TS. Of course at this time little progress in research was made and my

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