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This site has been created with an abundance of information to help you understand what there is to know about Turner Syndrome (TS). You or your loved one may have TS, or you may be visiting the site to learn more.

The most significant nugget to know about Turner Syndrome is that it occurs randomly to female fetuses at the time of conception. Everyone of childbearing age should know of the indications for this common genetic disorder. Early diagnosis is essential to a girls health and development. TS indiscriminately affects the offspring of parents regardless of age, ethnicity, race, or geography. Simply put, it just happens.

Each diagnosis and life journey is unique.

Shared here you will find a sampling of diagnosis experiences:

  • She met all of her milestones, and grew to become a delightful child – expressive, intelligent, but especially petite in size. This child would later be diagnosed with a genetic abnormality.
  • A routine sonogram suggested a hygroma – more genetic testing and medical options.
  • The baby was born in distress  – one look and they knew she had Turner Syndrome.
  • Every day counting down to her birth, praying for life, for health and for her future.
  • She is multi-disabled and I am her caregiver.
  • One day all of her symptoms told a story, a story of a syndrome called Turners.
  • Infertility in my twenties and now a new diagnosis to navigate.

Registry-2Individuals and caregivers affected by Turner Syndrome are encouraged to join the TSF Contact Registry.. We encourage all who arrive here a willingness to advocate for a greater awareness, education, and newfound support for this cause. Together, we can make a difference!

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The content and links provided on this website are for informational purposes only. Always consult with a professional for best care options.

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