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There’s never been a better time to put your health first! Join TSF and a group of TS women, girls, supporters, and caregivers over the next 12 weeks to take charge of your health! With a motivating community and expert advice, there’s no reason to say no! And it’s all for FREE!

The program begins January 29, 2018 – the perfect time to go after your New Year’s resolutions!


Join us and you’ll receive…

  • Access to a closed Facebook group of TS women, caregivers, supporters with similar goals to help you succeed
  • Exercise plan based on your fitness level
  • Tips and tricks from a Registered Dietician
  • Printable tracking sheet to help you map your goals and progress
  • Personal invitation to join Team TSF at the NJ Marathon on April 28 & 29

Why should you join?

The 2017 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Care of Girls and Women with Turner Syndrome states that weight management is the most important health intervention for TS women at annual visits, and nutrition counseling and physical activity should begin in early childhood. Weight management is an important part of Turner Syndrome care because of the weight-related issues that complicate TS care, such as diabetes, heart disease, and liver dysfunction. The good news is that adopting healthy eating and a physical activity regimen can help improve overall health, prevent chronic disease, and help to manage TS.

Did you know that caregivers are at an increased of chronic illness, too, due to increased stress levels, reduced physical activity, and greater demand on time? The Family Caregiver Alliance recommends that caregivers exercise regularly, set goals to make them feel healthy, and get proper nutrition, amongst others in order to reduce stress and risk of chronic illness.

Sign up now at You must sign up at this link first to be added to the closed Facebook group!

**This is an “at-your-own-risk” program! Turner Syndrome Foundation and its affiliates do not assume any liability for any injuries or otherwise that take place during the duration of this program. TSF recommends that you speak with your doctor before beginning this program.**

With over 10,000 participants at the NJ Marathon each year, this is a great opportunity to highlight your business! If you’re interested in supporting Team TSF or the Move for Turner Syndrome! Program through a monetary or in-kind donation, please feel out this brief form and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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    • Hi Krystle the link has been repaired. Go ahead and sign up. Let us know if you have any questions.

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