Specialized Centers for the Care of Turner Syndrome in Oklahoma:

For more information, to schedule an appointment, or to make a referral, contact Jennifer Campbell, RN.
Oklahoma Specialized Care, Turner Syndrome Clinic
1200 Children’s Avenue, 4D
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Tel: 405-271-6764 Fax: 405-271-3093
Website: http://www.oumedicine.com

Leadership in Oklahoma

There are about 979 women affected by Turner Syndrome in Oklahoma. Many of them do not even know they have TS. You can help!  Apply now.

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Public Health

Oklahoma Department of Human Services Adult and Family Services Division / Health Related and Medical Services Unit P.O. Box 25352 2400 N. Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73125 Website: www.okdhs.org OKDHS has 7 partner agencies currently contracted for the Title V Block Grant Children With Special Health Care Needs population. Each partner agency provides different services. The following are a list of services provided through the partner agencies: information and referral, training, resource navigation, respite care, healthcare transition, developmental and behavioral screening services, and advocacy and leadership opportunities. OKDHS (in house) also assists with respite care, flavored formula supplements, and adaptive equipment/professional services which aid the child in accessibility and mobility and are not covered by Medicaid.

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