North Dakota

TS Population In North Dakota

There are about 189 women affected by Turner Syndrome in North Dakota. Many of them do not even know they have TS. You can help!   

Call 1(800)594-4585

Woman with Turner Syndrome

Community Stories

Kym Hall is native to New Jersey. She is a staunch advocate for women and had helped pass legislation in 2013 for the Turner Syndrome Awareness Bill AJR6.

Join Kym in signing the petition.

Virtual Times

TSF provides many ways for the community to connect, be social and contribute to the community outreach efforts. Many of our activities are virtual, so anyone, anywhere can participate. Check our event calendar to find out about our online events and to see if there is an event in a location near you!

stronger together

Working Together
Choose from exciting program areas to get involved in a big or small way: Raise Awareness, Share Education Resources, Advocate for Change, Research Initiatives and so much more.  TSF offers orientation & ongoing support for your success.

Patient & Caregiver Registry

Complete a brief survey to be part of the Turner syndrome registry. Here you can provide insight to your experiences and ask questions.

Shop Books & Gifts

Turner Syndrome Foundation offers qualify resources & merchandise to support your personal need for information, advocacy & gift giving. Apparel, buttons, banners & more!

Monthly Giving

Twelve gifts in twelve months. Become a monthly donor. Setup an online pledge to give a monthly amount that is both meaningful and budget friendly. Thank you for your support!

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