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Chairperson: Heather Benoit


I am a National Council of State Leader for the TSF. My mission is to help other families with raising awareness and also provide resources for families and individuals that have been affected by Turner Syndrome all throughout our country.

My ultimate goal is for the citizens of our country to be educated on Turner Syndrome and to show them all the positive side of the disorder. Many Americans do not understand that there are many women living positive and fulfilling lives with Turner Syndrome. During pregnancy, Turner Syndrome babies are given a 2% chance of survival and many of those butterflies beat the odds every single day. Turner Syndrome women are miracles who are the strongest and most beautiful individuals that walk this earth. They should be celebrated and honored and with my outreach goal, that will ultimately happen for them.

“Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful”

There are about 1188 women affected by Turner Syndrome in Louisiana. Many of them do not even know they have TS. You can help!  Apply now.

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