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Announcing Long Island’s Turner Syndrome Clinic

Turner Syndrome Clinics, otherwise known as Specialized Centers of Care, offer comprehensive health care for individuals with Turner Syndrome. We are happy to announce a newly-approved clinic in Long Island and share how you can find one near you! Turner…

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Everything You Need to Know About Fertility Preservation Treatments

Everything you need to know about fertility preservation

This post is based on the recent webinar by Dr. Oktay on “Fertility Preservation in Girls with Turner Syndrome.” It briefly highlights the importance of early diagnoses and treatment as well as the types of fertility preservation treatments individuals with…

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The Importance of Vitamin C

The Importance of Vitamin C

In honor of National Vitamin C Day, we’ll talk about vitamin C–its effects on the body and health benefits for people living with Turner Syndrome (TS). Note: The information in this post is educational and should not replace medical advice…

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Conflict-Resolution Strategies

conflict resolution strategies

Do you have a fear of conflict? Do you have a hard time not getting emotional during a conflict? In the Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF) recent webinar with Janet Pfeiffer, President of Pfeiffer Power Seminars, LLC, we learned about strategies…

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Games to Develop Cognitive Skills

games to develop cognitive skills

In the webinar about the Cognitive Impact of Turner Syndrome, Dr. O’Desky discusses different games and activities an individual may do to strengthen their cognitive abilities. Individuals of all ages can use these tools, but it is important to begin…

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Health Insurance and Reimbursements FAQ’s- Accessing Growth Hormone

FAQ: Health insurance and reimbursement

This post presents important information about the types of insurances and reimbursement process for growth hormone treatment from recent webinar “Insurance & Reimbursement – A Turner Syndrome Foundation Webinar” presented by Patient Affairs Liaisons from Pfizer. What is a Patient…

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Discussing Infertility: Upcoming Webinar

Discussing Infertility Webinar

The upcoming webinar, Discussing Infertility, presented by NYU School of Medicine’s Dr. Gwendolyn Quinn, will help you learn how to approach conversations about infertility with others. Why is Discussing Infertility Important? Infertility is a wide-reaching issue that affects many. 10%…

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My 2021 Word of the Year: Health

blog series with Katie Steedly curling

Written by Katie Steedly Curling, PhD, writer, and guest blogger for the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF). Katie writes monthly about her experiences living with Turner Syndrome. In this article, she shares the meaning behind her “word of the year.” Health –…

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My Story: Advice for Patients and Parents

As part of its monthly My Story series, the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) highlights individuals with Turner Syndrome (TS) and their parents/caregivers. In this post, we present the story of Olivia was diagnosed in utero. She discusses how she has…

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A Doctor’s Turner Syndrome Story

Learn Dr. Mary Gwyn Roper’s story on how she was affected by TS, why she started working with TSF, her hopes for the future, and how you can help the TS community! A Doctor’s TS Story Dr. Roper was born…

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