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Rally Together For TS with CATS!

turner syndrome awareness month

     Imagine just how many things you have to keep track of on a daily basis. Groceries, laundry, meetings, emails, and at this time of year, holiday shopping. Everything takes time, energy, and money, but for individuals and families…

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Giving Tuesday Is Here!

Meet Stacie Pelton  and hear why it is important you support TSF during Giving Tuesday! She sent us this video after seeing another video we posted from a TS woman. We appreciate her unsolicited kind words towards TSF! Giving Tuesday is…

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No Dumping this Cartober!


This month isn’t just any October – it’s Cartober! During this month, be sure to donate your used cars to TSF! There’s so many benefits to donating your car, besides freeing up space in your garage. Donating your car raises…

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The Telemedicine Tele-vantage

The past few years have seen many new digital options. Can that work in the area of medicine? What are some things to look into or keep in mind? The pandemic over the last roughly three years has brought about…

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Kick-Off the Holiday Card Auction

Looking for an easy way to support the Turner syndrome community and get ready for the holidays? The Turner Syndrome Greeting Card Sale is here! The variety of holiday cards for the autumn and winter holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,…

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Star Sisters Celebrate International Day of Friendship

Star Sister Meetup

SIGN ME UP – MONTHLY MEET UPS – PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – SOCIAL EXCHANGE WITH FRIENDS! “Star Sisters is a way to connect women and girls with Turner Syndrome to share honest experiences and form a sisterhood of positivity. This…

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Powerfully Impacting the TS Community: Legislative Advocacy

Rally for Medical Research

     There are many ways to get involved in awareness and work within the Turner syndrome (TS) community. Legislative advocacy is a very important part of that work, as it allows us to communicate directly with our federal, state,…

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Overcoming The Mental Mind Game

Subscribe to the Blog      The Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF) My Story blog series highlights the experiences of individuals, families, and caregivers impacted by Turner syndrome (TS). Their stories have an incredible ability to inspire others and make a…

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Register for TSRX to Help Science Know More About Turner Syndrome!

Ways to support turner syndrome research

Subscribe to our Blog!      The future of Turner syndrome research is in the hands of the patient community. The Turner Syndrome Foundation, in collaboration with Invitae Patient Insights Network (PIN), has established a TSRX PIN to assist the…

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Equity in Healthcare: How It Impacts Women with TS

Subscribe to our Blog! Note: This post contains sensitive information about reproductive health that may not be appropriate for younger audiences. Everyone’s journey with TS is different. Please consult with your health care provider(s) for guidance regarding your unique health…

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