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Estrogen Replacement Therapy FAQ

Estrogen Replacement Therapy FAQ

Estrogen Replacement Therapy is a common treatment for patients with Turner Syndrome. In this post, find the answers to some frequently asked questions about ERT. Thank you to Lournaris Torres-Santiago, MD and Nelly Mauras, MD of Nemours Children’s Health System,…

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Professional Membership- Join a Network of Care

Professional Membership

We are excited to invite medical professionals of all backgrounds to join our Professional Membership! In this post, learn what the Membership is, who can join, the benefits, and how to join. What is Professional Membership? Professional Membership is a…

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Sports and Other Activities for Children with Turner Syndrome

Sports Tips for Children with TS

This post highlights important tips for children with Turner Syndrome (TS) interested in sports and other activities. This information is based on a recent webinar on the Cognitive Impact of TS, hosted by the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) and presented…

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Adult Care Guidelines for Individuals with Turner Syndrome

adult care guidelines

In this post, we will share adult care guidelines for patients with Turner Syndrome (TS). We aim to provide a general overview of suggested physician visits, tests, and monitoring to ensure prevention of potential health concerns. Note: The information in…

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Pediatric Care Guidelines for Turner Syndrome

pediatric care guidelines

In this post, we will share care guidelines for pediatric patients with Turner syndrome (TS). We aim to provide a general breakdown of suggested physician visits and tests to expect to ensure early monitoring and prevention of potential health concerns….

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Common Doctors for Individuals with Turner Syndrome

common doctors for TS

Turner syndrome (TS) is a complex disorder, and a variety of specialized healthcare providers are involved in its management depending on individual needs. Although finding the right provider is a challenge of its own, remember that we are here to…

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Physicians Making a Difference!

physicians making a difference

The Professional Membership is an opportunity for professionals such as physicians to get involved with TSF to advance our mission. Allied health professionals are poised to  improve resources and support for improved quality and access to care for individuals with…

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Autoimmune Diseases Common in Turner Syndrome

autoimmune diseases common in turner syndrome

In this post, we will discuss some of the autoimmune diseases commonly associated with Turner Syndrome (TS), including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, diabetes, and celiac disease. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of these conditions below. Note: The information…

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Autoimmunity and Immune Dysregulation in Turner Syndrome Webinar: 5 Takeaways

5 facts about autoimmunity in Turner syndrome

This post presents five interesting facts about Turner Syndrome (TS) and autoimmunity from the recent “Autoimmunity and Immune Dysregulation in Turner Syndrome” webinar, presented by Dr. Roopa Kanakatti Shankar. Dr. Shankar is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at The George…

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Financial Resources for Growth Hormone Therapy

Do you have a child or loved one who has Turner Syndrome (TS) and needs growth hormone therapy (GHT) but cannot afford it? Do you know another parent in this situation? Read below to learn about what financial resources for…

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