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The Connection between Turner Syndrome and Autism

Is there a connection between Turner syndrome (TS) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Both conditions occur on a spectrum, which means they will vary greatly in how they present in patients. Is there a connection between the two conditions, though?…

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Turner Syndrome & Family History/Heredity

After a child receives a diagnosis of Turner Syndrome (TS), parents and caregivers are likely to have many questions regarding their child’s health and future. One common question is whether or not TS is hereditary or somehow preventable. While there…

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Turner Syndrome & Gastrointestinal Disorders

December 1-7 is Chron’s & Colitis Awareness Week. Given the prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders among patients with Turner syndrome (TS), increasing awareness of the symptoms and clinical indicators of autoimmune disorders is vital for proper management of TS. Early testing…

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Turner Syndrome & Dental Health

Smile; October is National Dental Hygiene Month! Individuals with Turner syndrome (TS) are more susceptible to dental health problems than others. Dental problems can also slowly impact a person’s overall health. The Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) believes that all patients…

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Turner Syndrome and the Importance of Newborn Screening

Medical advancements in newborn screening have improved the early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, including Turner syndrome (TS). This screening is efficient, cost-effective, and although not frequently talked about, includes routine tests that take place prenatally or immediately after…

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My Story: A Fighting Spirit

The Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF) My Story blog series highlights the experiences of individuals, families, and caregivers affected by Turner Syndrome (TS). Their stories have an incredible ability to inspire others and make a positive impact on the TS community….

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Cardiovascular Risk in TS Patients: Integrating Cardiology, Genetics, and Endocrinology

The importance of early cardiac evaluation and intervention for  those with Turner Syndrome (TS) cannot be stressed enough. In this post, we will explore a study that highlights the different cardiovascular risks for TS patients and their connection to endocrine…

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TSF’s Professional Membership for Healthcare Professionals

Ongoing, specialized medical care is essential for those with Turner Syndrome (TS). The Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) offers a Professional Membership Program for healthcare professionals to network, share resources, and register themselves as TS providers in our registry. Communication is…

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How Vision Problems Can Affect Your Life

Individuals with Turner syndrome (TS) are more susceptible to vision problems than the general population. Vision challenges can affect almost every part of a person’s life. Since May is Healthy Vision Month, let’s look at some common vision issues and…

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Social Skills and Relationships in Turner Syndrome: a Study

social skills

One of the main goals of the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) is to educate medical professionals and institutions on important research that can help patients with Turner Syndrome  (TS). In this post, we summarize the research paper “Social Skills and…

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