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Caring for TS

Caring for Turner Syndrome is possible when you understand the the individualized symptoms, risks and the recommended standard of care. Parents and Caregivers rely on professionals to care and educate their child. Adult women require ongoing health monitoring and care. The patient’s relationship with their care team is essential for longterm health & social outcomes.  Every individual living with Turner Syndrome will require a lifetime of specialized care and surely an informed and caring community of support. 

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Turner Syndrome woman and family

Patient Caregiver

Individuals living with TS and caregivers benefit greatly from knowledge of essential care and resources to help with every stage of life.

Allied Health

An informed network of healthcare providers, familiar with the complexities and indications of TS, can reduce diagnosis age and advance the standard of care.



Researchers hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of TS. By including this population in their studies, researchers can improve treatment options.


Knowledgeable and caring educators who understand the complex learning issues of TS can foster accommodations for an optimal learning environment.

Professional Achievements
  • TSRX – Turner Syndrome Research eXchange, a patient-centered research registry,  aims to improve diagnosis age and medical care.
  • Council on Infertility – The COI published guidelines on infertility and family planning in women with TS for healthcare providers.
  • Transition Task Force – In collaboration with Hormone Health Network, the task force focuses on a smooth transition to adult care.
  • Council on Cardiology – The COC is currently developing guidelines similar to the COI, with a focus on the cardiac issues of TS.
  • Research Collaborations – Arcadia University, University of South Carolina, Princeton University, Emory University, Rutgers University, Long Island University Pope

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