Giving Tuesday Is Here!

Meet Stacie Pelton  and hear why it is important you support TSF during Giving Tuesday! She sent us this video after seeing another video we posted from a TS woman. We appreciate her unsolicited kind words towards TSF! 

Giving Tuesday is a day to support girls and women, like Stacie, who live with Turner syndrome. Every 8 minutes a girl is born. Your support can help us continue this work in 2024.  

The Turner Syndrome Foundation is a lean volunteer organization dedicated to helping all people who are affected by TS. We reach people all around the world to support advocacy, research, and education initiatives. 100% of all donations steward this work. TSF is publicly funded by charitable donations from people like you.

Thank you for your generous support!

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1 thought on “Giving Tuesday Is Here!”

  1. Thank you so much for making this video about Turner Syndrome!! It is so important that the medical community learn more about TS so that females get the proper care that they deserve to live their best lives! I appreciate you posting about your experience with Turner Syndrome!

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