Welcome to Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! What Are YOU Doing To Raise Awareness?

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Welcome to Turner Syndrome Awareness Month (TSAM) 2023! The Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) has so many fun and impactful ways to get involved and raise awareness! We asked about your plans to raise awareness this month, and here’s what you had to say.

Updated to include new information about the greeting card auction!

Why Is TSAM Important?

TSAM is celebrated every February. It is a time when the TS community comes together to raise its collective voice and spread awareness. TS awareness has come a long way since the condition was first discovered, but there is so much more to be done to improve the lives of those with TS. TSF is on the case through its awareness, advocacy, education, and research initiatives!

You can watch TSF’s TSAM kickoff video to learn all about the events and activities we have planned. Everyone who completes the daily and/or weekly challenges has the chance to win a prize! Also, to kick off the excitement of TSAM each year, Butterfly TV on YouTube does a video discussing the theme for the year. Check out this year’s video.

What Are YOU Doing To Raise Awareness?

TSF asked what your plans were for TSAM, and we got so many great responses! We hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration to participate in the fun and make our voices heard!

Jessica, woman with TS

“Wear butterfly/TS related items, post on social media”

Nicole, woman with TS & TSF volunteer

“For TSAM, I will be assisting TSF with weekly Facebook chats and celebrating … with the Star Sisters support group during our monthly meet-up. I am also looking forward to coloring the TSAM coloring page. [Editor’s note: It’s not just for kids!] I have also requested that my local city council and state officially recognize TSAM.”

Gloria, woman with TS

“Advocate on social media”

Lori, mom of Julie, woman with TS, and TSF Board Trustee & volunteer

“I am running the third annual greeting card auction to raise funds for TSF to help keep the doors open and to hopefully get more research done on how TS affects females throughout their lifetime.”

Hannah, woman with TS

“Post on social media”

Chris, husband of Susan, woman with TS & TSF Blog Coordinator "Make a donation to TSF"
Kym, woman with TS & TSF volunteer, "Post on social media and wear my TSF shirt."
Victoria, woman with TS, "Social media posts"
Kayla, woman with TS & TSF Professional Member Liaison

“Buy merch from the TSF shop. Share posts on social media.”

Sade, woman with TS

“Spread some information and make flyers to display in the workplace and in my doctor’s office.”

Helen, woman with TS, TSF volunteer & webinar presenter

“I intend to share LOTS on social media about TS and my diagnosis.”

María Bernarda, woman with TS & physician in Ecuador

“Upload some material on Facebook”

Becky, mom of Baby with TS

“Telling all my Facebook friends that my daughter has TS and making them aware of what it is and how they can be supportive.”

Marie-Elena, mom of Gia, a girl with TS

I am planning to finally discuss Gia’s journey and story to raise awareness of and education on TS.

Join in the TS Awareness Month Fun!

Sign up for TSAM Updates

Sign up for TSAM emails and texts from TSF so you don’t miss out!

View the Kickoff Presentation

If you missed our TSAM kickoff presentation on Zoom last week, check out the recording. Learn more about TSF and everything going on during the month!

Visit the Calendar of Events

Be sure to check out our calendar of events so you don’t miss out on our daily and weekly challenges, some as easy as signing the Petition for Patient Care. You could win a prize! Also, join our and fundraising activities, like the Take a Step for TS virtual walk/run!

Get Your TSAM Gear!

We have lots of new, X Factor-themed merch in our shop for TSAM. You’re going to want to get yours to show your TS pride and raise awareness! Scroll through the images to the left to see just some of our fabulous items!

Get a Profile Frame!

Download the Awareness Month Toolkit

The TSAM Tookit has everything you need to celebrate the month. Download it now to get information about TS, graphics, a printable coloring page for the kids, social media resources, and more!

Share Social Media Posts

Share the excitement on all your social media accounts! We’ve done the work for you. Download shareable posts on our awareness webpage.

Support the TSF Card Heroes Greeting Card Auction

Every year, professional and amateur card designers from around the world donate greeting cards to benefit our annual Card Heroes Auction, organized by TSF volunteer and Board Trustee Lori Kobular. You can already peruse some of the beautiful cards on her Instagram page. From February 1st through the 28th, you will be able to bid on the cards on Instagram, and they will be sent to the highest bidder. All proceeds benefit TSF’s mission. *See exciting updates on the card auction below!

Simply upload a photo on our website, and we will add a frame for you!

You can read all the details about TSAM in TSF’s previous blog posts: Get Ready for Turner Syndrome Awareness Month 2023, Get Excited for Turner Syndrome Awareness Month 2023, and What Turner Syndrome Awareness Means To Me.

Here’s to a wonderful and fun TS Awareness Month 2023!

*Exciting Updates on the Greeting Card Auction!

TSF’s annual greeting card auction is going strong! Over 600 cards were donated by 71 card designers from around the world. Bidding, which is open through February 28th on Instagram, is robust. The highest bid so far is $220, for the card shown on the right, donated by Jennifer McGuire, a well-known card designer and instructor.

Lori Kobular, the card auction organizer and TSF Board Trustee, has been working night and day to make this fundraiser happen, and she is amazed by and so grateful for the generosity shown by the card designers and bidders who have participated.

With two weeks left, let’s keep the momentum going! Please forward this post to your friends, family, and contacts and post on social media! Here is a video introducing Lori and a couple of our card designers you can share! Make your bids now and share some love!

Written by Brooke Gonsalves, TSF volunteer blog writer. Edited and designed by Susan Herman, TSF Blog Coordinator. 

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