What Turner Syndrome Awareness Means to Me

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Turner Syndrome (TS) Awareness Month is almost here; only one-and-a-half weeks to go! A keystone of the Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF) mission is to raise awareness about TS, promote earlier diagnosis, and improve the lives of those with TS. We asked some of our supporters what TS awareness means to them, and this is what they had to say.

Voices of Awareness

Kayla, woman with TS, TSF Professional Member Liaison

Because it means women with TS are heard! If people know about it, then it improves treatment and quality of life for these patients. So many of our struggles are simply because people don’t know TS exists. 

Victoria, woman with TS

It teaches people about the rare and unique cases among TS patients.

María Bernarda, woman with TS, physician

Because it helps cases being diagnosed sooner.

"So many of our struggles are simply because people don't know TS exists."

Hannah, woman with TS

More kids will get treatment, such as growth hormone, when they are young and can use it. And they will get screening early for any cardiac and other issues so they can be dealt with.

Lori, mom of Julie, woman with TS, and TSF Board Trustee, volunteer

We need the medical field to do more research on how TS affects females throughout their lifetimes. We also need the education field to do more research into how TS affects learning.

Chris, husband of Susan, woman with TS, TSF Blog Coordinator

My wife has TS. She was diagnosed very late, and her health is important to me. I am very proud of her work with TSF and that she educates her doctors about TS and advocates for her care.

Jessica, woman with TS

Education/knowledge, proper medical care.

Nicole, woman with TS, TSF volunteer
TS awareness is important to me because it is very important particularly for medical professionals to have as much knowledge as possible about TS to assist them in caring for TS patients, so they can live happy and healthy lives.

"... a girl with TS can and will lead a perfectly normal life ... TS girls can do whatever they want, whenever they want."

Marie-Elena, mom of Gia, newborn with TS

TS awareness is important to me so we can educate about a rare syndrome, advocate that a girl with TS can and will lead a perfectly normal life, and that TS girls can do whatever they want whenever they want. I also want to educate families who have TS babies in utero how important blood sugar checks are and educate them on the proper prenatal care and proper newborn care of a TS baby.

Kym, woman with TS, TSF volunteer
I do it for all those affected by TS so there is earlier diagnosis and so teens, adults, and parents have a place to get information.
Sade, woman with TS
Not enough knowledge and research regarding TS is out there.
Helen, woman with TS, TSF volunteer & webinar presenter

Awareness of TS means early diagnosis, which means preventing health issues or possibly even death. It’s also important so that fellow “butterflies” don’t feel alone in their diagnoses and health journeys.

Gloria, woman with TS

I want everyone who is diagnosed with TS to have access to accurate information and good medical care. We need to raise awareness about the importance of those things.

Becky, mom of Baby with TS

If we don’t stand up for TS babies and be their advocates, then who will? If we don’t fight for these girls, then who will?

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  1. Great stuff to read as we approach TS Awareness Month!! TS needs more recognition and understanding! Plus more research and education for both the medical and educational fields!!

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