MLK Day of Service: Working Toward the Dream

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On January 16th, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which is also designated as a national day of service (MLK National Day of Service). Dr. King’s dream was that citizens would work together for a better and more united country that was equitable for all. The dream of the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) is for earlier diagnosis and affordable, comprehensive treatment for all those with Turner Syndrome (TS). TSF strives to achieve this through awareness, advocacy, education, and increased research. It cannot fulfill its mission without acts of service from people like YOU.

MLK National Day of Service

MLK National Day of Service falls on January 16th this year. The motto for the day is “a day ON, not a day off,” and it is designed to be observed with acts of service. Dr. King was born on January 15, 1929. As both a Baptist minister and civil rights leader, Dr. King lived a life of service to his community and the nation as a whole. To honor his legacy, this holiday is observed as a national day of service (the other being 9/11).

Organizations like Points of Light, AmeriCorps, and Habitat for Humanity encourage people to celebrate the holiday with acts of community service and have opportunities to serve throughout the year. Many cities and counties also have events or specific acts of service planned out as well, so be sure to check out their calendars of events. Individuals can not only serve the needs of their community, but they can gain skills, make connections, and increase social awareness. Service has many long-term benefits

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for the community and the  individual. There are many ways to serve, based on your personal situation and interests.

How You Can Serve the TS Community

The TS Community Needs You!

The TS community can use your help and acts of service. Organizations like TSF would not be able to do all it does for the TS community without those who give back with acts of service.

TSF volunteers, staff, and clients

What You Can Do

There are so many ways to be of service and support the TS community, on MLK Day and throughout the whole year! Here are some ideas:

You can also use your unique talents as a volunteer with TSF. There are several opportunities for you to become involved. If you are interested in donating your time and skills to TSF, complete our volunteer application.

TSF Community Day at Liberty Lake in NJ, August 2022

How will you spend this day ON to commemorate Dr. King’s legacy?

Written by Helen Rhoads, TSF volunteer blog writer, and edited by Susan Herman, TSF Blog Coordinator. Designed by Jasmine Persaud, TSF volunteer blog designer.

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