Get Ready for Turner Syndrome Awareness Month 2023!

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Turner Syndrome Awareness Month 2023 is fast approaching! The entire month of February is dedicated to increasing awareness of Turner syndrome (TS). The Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF’s) Awareness Committee has put together lots of fun-filled challenges for the month. Don’t miss out on any of these activities! TS Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise awareness for our community and have fun at the same time! 

Your Guide to TS Awareness Month 2023

Awareness Tookit

Get all the tools and resources you need to spread awareness about TS in February and all year long! Request your Awareness Toolkiit here.

Calendar of Events

Check out our calendar of events for TS Awareness Month, daily/weekly challenges, and more! Plan now how and when you will participate!

Social Media

Here’s the thing: You do not have to leave the comfort of your home to join in on the fun. There will be weekly challenges throughout February. Just check Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok regularly, or look for reminders if you signed up for emails 

and texts. Check out some of these events on the TS Awareness Month 2023 page:

  • Live Stream on February 1st at 8 p.m. EST on TSF’s Facebook page 
  • Facebook chats every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST
  • Special Star Sisters get-together/celebration for TS Awareness Month) on February 24th, 8-10 p.m. EST
  • Fact of the Day posted every day in February, which you can share in your own Facebook feed
  • Hashtags (e.g., #theXfactor) are being created for you to use in your FB posts, as well as Images and Facebook frames you can share on your social media accounts

Greeting Card Auction

If you enjoy crafts, TSF’s annual Greeting Card Auction is for you! Card designers from all over the world are donating beautiful greeting cards, which will be auctioned off during the entire month of February on Instagram

Lori Kobular, the auction’s organizer, is still looking for card designers (professional or amateur) who would like to make and donate cards (with an envelopes) for the card auction. They can either mail the card out to the highest bidder once proof of the donation is provided, or just mail the card to Lori by January 15th, and she will mail it out to the highest bidder. 

If you would like to donate a hand-made greeting card: 1) complete this survey, and 2) send Lori a photo of your card(s) by January 15th so she can add them all to her Instagram page;. Last year, the card auction raised over $7,000 for TSF and the TS community. Let’s beat that this year!

If you just love to give greeting cards, look for cards to bid on during February! Scroll through the images above to see some of the beautiful cards donated last year (hover over each image to see the card designer/donator).

Activities for Children


TSF will have special activities for children, like a fun TS Awareness Month coloring page, which they (or you!) can complete and submit a photo to be included in a future blog post or on TSF’s webpage.


You can find a wide range of items to purchase in TSF’s online shop, which has everything from dresses to posters. Order your last-minute holiday gifts now!

TSF also has cool merchandise you can wear during February (and all year long) to raise awareness. Who knows? Maybe someone will say, ‘Hey, what is TS?,” and you can drop some knowledge! New “X Factor” merchandise for TS Awareness Month will be available soon, like this very cool t-shirt

Also, consider making a donation to receive this beautiful TS awareness candle, which you can display in your home, office, etc. to raise awareness and support TSF.

How You Can Show Your Support

TSF needs volunteers to make TS Awareness Month a success. Leading up to February, please consider joining our growing team of volunteers here

Don’t have a lot of time? No worries! There are lots of ways you can make a difference, like:

  • signing TSF’s Petition for Patient Care to improve healthcare and treatment for individuals with TS. TSF will use this petition to call on legislators to advocate for TS. TSF’s goal is to have 2,000 signatures by the end of the year, so please sign now!

See You There!

We look forward to hearing from you and expanding our team of supporters who help to bring awareness to TS. When you join an activity, share it with friends, family, and on social media. Help and encourage others to learn and join. We at TSF are super excited about TS Awareness Month 2023 and hope you will enjoy the fun that’s in store! 

Written by Janae Bunn, TSF volunteer blog writer. Edited and designed by Susan Herman, TSF Blog Coordinator. 

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