Putting the FUN in Fundraising: Creating Your Own Event

Fundraising and the event planning that surrounds it are about more than just earning money for a cause. There are many benefits, such as community engagement, to participating in such a charitable act. The Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) relies on the generosity of donors and volunteers like YOU. Read below to learn how to create your own event and put the FUN in fundraising!

Creating Your Own FUNdraising Event

According to the Oxford Dictionary, fundraising is “the seeking of financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise.” Fundraising requires event planning to accomplish the ultimate goal of the event. Both go hand-in-hand to reach your fundraising goal. One of TSF’s main objectives is to raise awareness about Turner syndrome (TS) and encourage others to do the same.

Community Engagement

Fundraising is an amazing way to meet others in the community while raising awareness for a cause like TS awareness. These are some of the amazing perks:

  • Meeting people through fundraising is a great way to connect to others who may identify with your cause or just

       want to help. Doing this work can be challenging, but it is                 rewarding. You may meet some key people who could play             a huge role in the success of your future events.

  • Raising awareness by handing out pamphlets, answering questions, or providing general knowledge can really help shed some light on a good cause. You can learn a lot about health-related and other causes from local community members. For TSF, a fundraiser can help the community become more aware and involved and help the organization provide free services to the TS community.
  • Fundraising has a positive impact on the community. Sometimes state and local governments may not have allocated enough funding for certain causes. This is where you can step up and further raise awareness and funds. You do not have to wait for local lawmakers and other citizens; helping your community can start with small measures.

TSF Treats & Sweets for TS Challenge

Many people love sweets, and bake sales are a great fundraising idea. TSF is hosting a fun bake sale challenge called Treats & Sweets for TS in July. The purpose of the sale is to raise awareness in your local community, raise money, and have fun while doing it.

Here are a few steps to get started:

Fundraising and event planning do not have to be overwhelming. There are plenty of resources on TSF’s website to help you with this process (see TSF Resources below).

Meet Calyn

Calyn is only 11 years old and already learning about the concept of giving and helping others. Her story began when she was diagnosed with TS six months ago. Currently, she uses her mom and dad’s Facebook page to help spread awareness about the rare chromosomal disorder. 

On her Facebook page, she helps to spread TS awareness. Unfortunately, Calyn is out of school a lot due to her frequent medical appointments and tests. She enjoys missing school sometimes (what kid wouldn’t?) but does miss her teachers.

Recognizing a Need

Calyn mentions in her Facebook post that the pens for growth hormone therapy (GHT) shots cost more than $4,000. So, she began her journey in fundraising by starting a lemonade stand to raise money.

Taking It Online

Chrissi helped her daughter create the flier with a QR code for a donation campaign. So far, Calyn has raised $900, almost doubling her initial $500 goal. This money will help other girls like Calyn who may not be able to afford GHT shots or other treatments. 

A Proud Mom

Calyn’s mom, Chrissi, is proud of her daughter for being so brave and helpful to others. She wrote to TSF to express her gratitude. The website and other services offered by TSF have been a place for her turn to when she was in  doubt or overwhelmed. 

“Your website has been so helpful to us in understanding it all. It’s all a bit overwhelming.” – Chrissi, Calyn’s mom

Calyn’s story is a perfect example of how fundraising can help individuals and the entire community. On her Facebook page  she helps to spread awareness of TS symptoms. Unfortunately, Calyn is out of school a lot due to her frequent medical appointments and tests. She enjoys missing school sometimes (what kid wouldn’t?) but doesn’t like not seeing her teachers.

Little girls like Calyn are why we do what we do!

Have Fun!

There are so many styles of fundraising and event planning. You can find a way to bring awareness of TS, support the TS community, and still have fun. During the beginning of the pandemic, there have been lots of virtual events to still help charities and causes raise money. It is important to remember that fun is the key to all of this. 

Consider some things you enjoy doing. Then, think of some people around you who may want to learn more or contribute. Next, start posting and reaching out. Make your experience enjoyable; it is also about the journey, not just the end results. Calyn’s story is a perfect example of this. She is enjoying what she is doing while helping others. 

We are excited to see where the journey takes you; please share your fundraising stories with TSF! Join us in putting the FUN in fundraising!

Written by Janae, TSF volunteer blog writer, and edited by Susan Herman, TSF Blog Coordinator. Designed by Jasmine, TSF volunteer blog designer.

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