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As a small but mighty nonprofit, the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) relies on its volunteers to realize its mission. TSF volunteers work in all facets of the mission–awareness, research, social media, writing and editing, fundraising, client services, professional membership, and more! April is National and Global Volunteer Month, and we want to take this opportunity to highlight some of our wonderful volunteers. TSF thanks all of the volunteers who contribute to its mission!

A Month To Appreciate Volunteers

National Volunteer Week (April 17-23 this year) and National and Global Volunteer Month in April celebrate the impact volunteers have on our lives and encourage active volunteerism in generations to come. Most often unpaid, volunteers generously donate their time to do the work that is so critical in allowing nonprofits like TSF to do their work. There are so many areas requiring volunteers. This month, we salute all of our volunteers for their unwavering services to the Turner syndrome (TS) community. Their example can inspire all of us towards volunteerism.

Since 1974, U.S. Presidents have proclaimed National Volunteer Week and National Volunteer Month. These observances salute the unparalleled services of the volunteers who have given

TSF Volunteers

countless hours to better their communities.

April is also Global Volunteer Month celebrates the power of people around the globe who  tackle society’s greatest challenges  and  improve their communities through volunteerism.

Now let’s meet some of our fabulous volunteers.

Amun Uppal, Health Initiatives Associate

I have always had an affinity for studying all things genetics, from heredity to genetic diseases. I am very passionate about my field of study and want to be able to contribute my education to my community. This is my first time working with an organization related to my education in genetics. I would love to be able to help in any way I can to educate others about TS. I also look forward to advancing my professional knowledge and skills.

Bryan Kozusko, Program Coordinator

My passion to help my community and others propelled me to reach out to TSF and its founder, Laura. The organization’s mission to help improve the quality of lives of those affected by TS aligned perfectly with my goal of community improvement. TSF has given me the opportunity to use my skills and experience in public health and law to help strengthen and meet its goals. Together, we hope to create positive change by addressing needs at a legislative level through policy reform and advocacy.

Kayla Ganger, PA-C

After graduating from Houghton College in New York with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, I completed a Master of Health Science through Lock Haven University’s Physician Assistant (PA)

program. I have worked as a National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) board-certified PA-C at Family Practice Center in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania since 2019. I enjoy caring for patients holistically, as the complexity of family medicine involves all areas of the patient’s health.

Currently, I am a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants; the Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants; and Pi Alpha, the National Honor Society for Physician Assistants. Interestingly, I also have a publication on protein levels in freshwater fish in Ecology and Evolution.

My volunteer position with TSF is as the Professional Membership Liaison, working to link health care professionals to the organization. I am thankful for the work TSF does on behalf of the TS community and am happy to join the organization in its cause

Manasi Thirumoorthi, Research Associate

I am currently located in Pennsylvania, and I find myself interested in genetics, which led me to TSF. I am looking to potentially change careers from nursing to genetic counseling in the next couple of years. Learning more about TS and how it affects patients and their families is something I love. New research about the genetic condition interests me. I really appreciate the chance to volunteer with TSF, and I hope to produce some meaningful outcomes for people around the world. 

Monica Bobadilla, Health Initiatives Associate

Being an intern during my undergraduate studies and having the opportunity to volunteer at TSF after graduation solidified my long-held desire to pursue a medical career. It has been a privilege to be directly involved in the different aspects of TS patients’ care and helping to facilitate information and resources to improve their quality of life has been an immensely rewarding experience.

Returning to TSF now as a third-year medical student, I still carry the desire to be a part of a community whose goal is to save and improve lives. To achieve this, it is crucial that patients, families, and health professionals come together as a team and work hand in hand. My goal is to create these connections and facilitate evidence-based, up-to-date information. This would ensure that patients remain in control of their health, having all the necessary resources and knowledge to advocate for their well-being. Additionally, health professionals would provide effective care for this multisystem condition during all of their patients’ stages of life.

Ruchika Srivastava, Blog Writer & Editor

I am Ruchika, and I am deeply interested in educating patients and their caregivers about the latest treatments for diseases. One way to do this is by translating scientific journal publications into easily understandable language. My experience in drug development bioprocessing lab research and scientific writing helps makes this possible.

I appreciate the chance to volunteer with TSF. The organization does a great job of raising awareness, and it is my honor to contribute to it through my writing. I believe that scientifically accurate and comprehensible writing is a powerful yet underutilized tool. It allows patients to be aware of the variety of treatments and resources available to them. It is incredibly rewarding for me to write about these treatments. My interest and experience align with the goals of TSF, and I am happy to contribute to its mission.

Steven Carr, Strategic Planning Manager

Over the past six years, I have handled media planning for a number of brands and gained deep knowledge of various media. I have always wanted to leverage this experience to help shine a light on a worthy cause and found an opportunity to do so at TSF. In this role, I hope to increase awareness of TSF and grow the network for both patients and medical professionals. My goal is to bring the great work TSF does and the resources it provides to a larger audience.

We Appreciate You!

During Global Volunteer Month and every day, TSF extends a heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers who make its mission possible. We could not do it without you, and we deeply appreciate your efforts! 
If you would like to volunteer for TSF, we would love to have you! Too busy? No contribution is too small. Long-term or short-term, one-time or regular–every volunteer action makes a difference. See TSF’s recent blog post Student Volunteers Make a Difference for more information on how anyone can contribute.
Click here for TSF’s volunteer application.

Written by Susan Herman, TSF Blog Coordinator, and edited by Laura Fasciano, TSF Director and Founding President.

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