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A Shared Passion: Using Creativity for Good

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The Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) is proud to announce it’s first annual Turner Syndrome (TS) Awareness Card Auction. The online auction is from July 2nd at 8:00 a.m. EDT to July 5th at 9:00 a.m. EDT. Lots of beautiful greeting cards will be put up for bidding (see link below). This post highlights two of the many designers who are supporting this event and using their creativity for good.

A Force for Change

When like-minded people come together, they are a force for change! From July 2nd to the 5th, more than 130 card designers who have donated their art are joining forces in support of TSF’s online TS Awareness Card Auction. TSF volunteer Lori Kobular, the mom of a beautiful TS butterfly, is hosting the event. Her goal is to raise $10,000 for TSF. To thank everyone who has been helping to raise awareness and support for this cause, Lori has been sharing profiles of some of these amazing artists. She thought this story of a mother and daughter team stood out and should be shared. 

Kindness and generosity come in all forms, and extraordinary things can happen when ordinary people join forces for good. We’re so glad that you are here to enjoy this story, and we thank you for supporting TSF’s card auction.


“Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it.” – Leon Trotsky


Jennifer, a creative cardmaker eager to help those in need

Jennifer (Jenn) Gross says her mom, Carmen, inspires her to be creative. It started with sewing (at the age of seven), and next they created a doll house together. Then on to jewelry making and embroidery. Now Jenn and her mom make cards and do other paper crafts together. Jenn says being an artist and card designer has opened up a new world of creative friends. She is constantly inspired by the kindness, generosity, and support from other amazing card designers.

Everyone’s style is different, and that adds inspiration. Jenn says, “it is a blessing to be able to create and share that passion with others.” To see more of her creations, check out her blog at journeycoachjenn.blogspot.com or her Instagram page at @journeycoachjenn.


Jenn’s mom, Carmen Paar, studied home economics in high school. She loved sewing and cooking. Carmen also had to take six weeks of industrial arts. That was not a problem, since she was already familiar with reading patterns and instructions.  Carmen designed a cutting board, drew it to scale, cut out the pattern, applied it to wood, cut it out with a band saw, and sanded it. She finished her project by painting a horse head design on it.

Jenn and Carmen hard at work

Carmen remembers using the cutting board while cooking at home with her grandmother. She says that her grandmother taught her how to crochet, knit, sew, and help with minor household repair jobs. During Carmen’s junior year of high school, she had to design an outfit. Her father was in the Navy, and her mom had kept his wool uniforms. She made a jumper from the top and redesigned the double-button front pants into a skirt. Her class had a fashion show for their parents, and she modeled her outfit with a brief explanation of how she made it.

A marriage and two daughters later, Carmen made a miniature kitchen set to match their life-size table, chairs, bench, and hutch, all to quarter-inch scale, with balsa wood. That project led to four more miniature homes and lots more furniture. Carmen also got into jewelry, glass, clay, plastic, and wire crafts. That lasted a while, with her going to craft shows and selling her items.

Then Carmen came upon paper crafting. She started with small cards, had an idea, and moved on to cards with cut-outs from magazines. Now she has turned her living room into her card crafting room. Her style is a mixture of contemporary and classic. Carmen likes her cards to say what she would say in person. She has donated cards to different organizations. Carmen says she really enjoys having Jenn come to her house to make cards with her. They exchange ideas, stamps, dies (used in a machine to cut out shapes), and new techniques for making cards.

Carving Out Time for Creativity

Is it any wonder when a passion for creativity is shared across generations? Jenn says that she and her mom have two different creative styles. Carmen’s style is more “shabby chic,” and Jenn says hers is whimsical and fun. Jenn shared that, after all these years, she loves that they still get to spend this special time together being creative. To the right are examples of the beautiful creations you will see in the auction.

Jenn’s card was created with the Bunny Bouquet stamp set from The Rabbit Hole Designs, colored with colored pencils. It is blank on the inside.

Carmen’s card was created with Altenew’s Pretty Pansies stamp set. The inside is stamped with the sentiment “You are beautiful inside and out.”

Why They Are Participating in the TSF Card Auction

When asked why she decided to create a card for the TS Awareness Card Auction, Jenn says that Heather Ferguson of The Rabbit Hole Designs shared information about the card auction on her team page. Jenn had never heard of TS and looked into it. 

“If a card can make a difference and bring about awareness and funding for TSF, I would love to contribute to the cause. I think providing opportunities to raise awareness is extremely important,” she stated. Jenn asked her mother if she would like to join her in making a card to donate for the card auction, and of course she said yes. We appreciate these ladies using their creativity for good!

Start Bidding!

You can support TSF and TS awareness by bidding on these cards at:

We are thankful to all of the designers, especially this mother and daughter team, Carmen and Jenn, for taking the time to make cards for the TS Awareness Card Auction. Well done, ladies!

Written by Lori Kobular, TSF volunteer and mom of a woman with TS. Edited by Susan Herman, TSF volunteer lead blog editor.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that Jenn and her Mom make cards together and that they have both made cards for the Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction! I can’t thank these two creative ladies enough!!

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