Announcing Long Island’s Turner Syndrome Clinic

Turner Syndrome Clinics, otherwise known as Specialized Centers of Care, offer comprehensive health care for individuals with Turner Syndrome. We are happy to announce a newly-approved clinic in Long Island and share how you can find one near you!

Turner Syndrome Clinic at NYU Langone Hospital in Long Island

NYU Langone Hospital houses Long Island’s new Turner Syndrome Program. It is designed to assist pediatricians in caring for a child, teen and/or young adult with Turner Syndrome. Their specialists evaluate and treat children under the age of 25 with a genetic diagnosis of Turner’s.

The clinic’s primary doctors are Pediatric Endocrinologists, Dr. Paul Saenger and Dr. Siham Accacha. Their Endocrinology department leads a multidisciplinary team consisting of a Pediatric Endocrinologist, Pediatric Registered Dietician/Nutritionist and Pediatric Cardiologist, each of whom will be given the opportunity to meet and evaluate your child during a single scheduled session at two different locations. A summary with findings and suggestions will be forwarded to your child’s pediatrician for evaluation and management of this genetic condition. Depending on your insurance, you may pay one or multiple co-pays.

Clinic Contact Information

  • For more information, please contact Lori Benzoni at 516-663-2112 or
  • Clinic Name: NYU Langone Pediatric Associates – Mineola  Campus: NYU Langone Hospital – Long Island
  • Clinic Address: 101 Mineola Bvld 2nd Floor, Mineola NY 11501

What makes Turner Syndrome clinics so special?

Turner Syndrome Clinics, or Specialized Centers of Care, provide a high level of care to individuals with Turner Syndrome. Not only can you often have multiple specialist visits planned for the same day, which offers convenience, you can be sure that the specialists will have an excellent understanding of Turner Syndrome.

How can I find a clinic near me?

Our website has a list of clinics by state. Unfortunately, there is not a clinic in every state yet. If you see a state missing from the list, we hope you will speak with your trusted health care providers about forming one. They can always contact us at for information on how to do that.

We want to say a big thank you to the team at NYU Langone for forming this Turner Syndrome clinic in order to better serve the community! Additionally, thank you to the teams at every clinic nationwide which provides excellent patient care. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of every individual with TS!

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