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Professional Membership- Join a Network of Care

Professional Membership

We are excited to invite medical professionals of all backgrounds to join our Professional Membership! In this post, learn what the Membership is, who can join, the benefits, and how to join. What is Professional Membership? Professional Membership is a…

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My Story: Giving a Voice to Turner Syndrome

As part of its monthly My Story series, the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) highlights individuals with Turner Syndrome (TS) and their parents or caregivers. In this post, Rebecca, a 23-year-old woman who was diagnosed with TS in utero, shares her…

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Sports and Other Activities for Children with Turner Syndrome

Sports Tips for Children with TS

This post highlights important tips for children with Turner Syndrome (TS) interested in sports and other activities. This information is based on a recent webinar on the Cognitive Impact of TS, hosted by the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) and presented…

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Conflict-Resolution Strategies

conflict resolution strategies

Do you have a fear of conflict? Do you have a hard time not getting emotional during a conflict? In the Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF) recent webinar with Janet Pfeiffer, President of Pfeiffer Power Seminars, LLC, we learned about strategies…

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Games to Develop Cognitive Skills

games to develop cognitive skills

In the webinar about the Cognitive Impact of Turner Syndrome, Dr. O’Desky discusses different games and activities an individual may do to strengthen their cognitive abilities. Individuals of all ages can use these tools, but it is important to begin…

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Celebrating the TS Community This International Women’s Day

It is March 8th and the feeling of female empowerment is in the air, which can only mean one thing. It’s International Women’s Day! Why Celebrate International Women’s Day? This over century-old holiday has two goals. For one, it celebrates…

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