Who Are the TSF Awareness Committee?

TSF Awareness Commitee

All throughout February we’ve been talking about the TSF Awareness Committee, and you may be wondering, who are they and what do they do? You might even be thinking, “that sounds really cool, how can I get involved?” Today we are going to tell you about the committee and its members, and the amazing things they have accomplished for Turner Syndrome awareness!

What is the TSF Awareness Committee?

The TSF Awareness Committee is a group of volunteers who work together to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome. The group aims to engage the community in raising awareness in February especially, but also works on awareness projects all year-round. They collaborate with TSF staff to coordinate the awareness efforts and make an impact!

Who is on the Committee?

The Committee currently consists of 11 volunteers. It includes women of all ages who have Turner Syndrome, and we have one very passionate mom, too!

Being on the awareness committee has meant a lot to me because I am able to work together with other women with TS, although virtually, to raise awareness and share our own stories along the way, which is something I have never had the opportunity to do before. For that I am very grateful.


Meet our members:

Not pictured: Carleigh, Judy

Why is there an Awareness Committee?

Committee member Lori shared her motivation for being involved in the group, “it is so important to bring awareness of TS to everyone in the world! TS Girls and Women should be able to go to a doctor with knowledge of TS to get them the help they need and deserve! Also educators should learn about how TS girls process information so they don’t struggle in school!”

Nicole also shared her perspective, “bringing awareness to TS is super important so that we can give hope to those newly diagnosed, or who are struggling with their or a loved ones TS. They can have the support of those who have had similar experiences.”

What has the Committee accomplished?

The first project of the TSF Awareness Committee took place in summer of 2020. It was a video project called “The Questions Campaign.” The Committee members made videos of themselves answering questions about their life and experience with TS, and we invited others to make videos as well. We had a great group of volunteers who helped with editing the videos as well.

Since then, the Committee has been focused on February Awareness Month. Throughout the month you may have seen pictures and videos of the members sharing ways that you can raise awareness. They were involved in brainstorming ideas of how people can raise awareness from home, and creating the materials needed to do so. Many of the graphics, flyers, and even merchandise deigns were created by members of the Committee! They have also been going live on Facebook for awareness chat and Q and A. We have so many ways that anyone can raise awareness of Turner Syndrome this month, and that’s all thanks to the Committee!

How can I get involved?

We’re so glad you asked! If you want to become a volunteer and collaborate with this amazing group, your chance will come in March. Once Awareness Month wraps up we will be looking to grow the Committee and take-on more types of projects. All individuals with TS, mothers, fathers, spouses, grandparents, and more with a personal connection can get involved. We also have plenty of ways that people without a personal connection to TS can volunteer.

If you want to be a part of this initiative, please complete our Volunteer Application which is on our website. Make sure to write “I am interested in the Awareness Committee” on your application. We will save your application for now, and contact you in March with more information about getting involved!

Thank you to the TSF Awareness Committee for all that you have done to make a difference!

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