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Create a Video for TS Awareness!

We introduced our Awareness Committee‘s new Questions Campaign video project a few weeks ago. We have been so excited to share the amazing stories told by our Committee members! Each of them shared their experiences with Turner Syndrome in a video that was posted to YouTube. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who was so brave in sharing their story, and to everyone who has watched the videos so far!

“I believe this project is going to be super powerful in advocating for Turner Syndrome Patients. Our hope is to create a dialogue between Turner Syndrome patients and encouraging the exchange of ideas, as well as reaching out to those who aren’t familiar with Turner Syndrome to showcase our wonderfully diverse community

Sara, Committee member and video project team manager

We teased a few weeks ago that there would be an opportunity to get involved in the project. Now the time has come, and you can sign-up to submit a video!

How YOU Can Get Involved

We want to invite you all to participate in the campaign! Any Turner Syndrome patient or caregiver is welcome to participate, as well as partners of those who have Turner Syndrome. Even doctors and educators who have a connection to TS can make a video! If you have an experience related to Turner Syndrome to share, you can sign-up for the chance to be a part of the Questions Campaign. We hope to highlight as many perspectives about TS as possible.

To participate, first you can fill out the interest form in order to tell us a little bit about yourself.

Once your interest form is submitted, you will hear back from the Committee with some guidelines. These include topical and video structure instructions, as well as some tips for video quality. They’ll lead you through all the next steps. If you want to participate but prefer not to be on video, there is also an option for you to submit an audio recording.

After you submit your video, the Committee and a few other volunteers will take care of editing and uploading it to YouTube. We will keep you in the loop all along the way! There are a limited number of spots available on a first-come first-served basis. If you’re interested in participating, sign-up today!

Thank you to our additional volunteers!

We also want to say a big thank you to a few additional volunteers on the video team. These individuals have been helping with video production. Without them, the Questions Campaign would not be possible! Thank you to…

  • Michael
  • Anthony
  • Melissa
  • Christina

Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to view the prior uploaded videos and see all of our new uploads!

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