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My Hormone Therapy Experience

In this post, Katie, a woman who has Turner Syndrome (TS), talks about her experience with growth hormone and estrogen therapies. Her experience may not be the same as that of others, but may shed some light on the treatments…

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My Daughter’s Turner Syndrome Journey: Q&A with a Mother

Woman with Turner syndrome

Lori Kobular has adult daughter, Julie, with Turner Syndrome (TS). Lori is a Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) board member and serves on the volunteer Awareness Committee. In this post, she answers some questions about her experience parenting a daughter with…

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I Had Heart Surgery During a Pandemic

I have Turner Syndrome. I had heart surgery during a pandemic. . . and this is what it was like!

Nicole, a woman who has Turner Syndrome (TS), shares her experience undergoing heart surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her heart surgery is not uncommon among those with TS, so many with TS can relate to her experience. I am a…

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Financial Resources for Growth Hormone Therapy

Do you have a child or loved one who has Turner Syndrome (TS) and needs growth hormone therapy (GHT) but cannot afford it? Do you know another parent in this situation? Read below to learn about what financial resources for…

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Loud and Clear: My Hormone Replacement Therapy Journey

blog series with Katie Steedly curling

Written by Katie Steedly Curling, PhD, writer, and guest blogger for the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Katie writes monthly about her experiences living with Turner Syndrome. In this article, she discusses her experience with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Hormones are your body’s chemical…

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What Are Growth Hormone and Estrogen Therapy?

Growth hormone and estrogen therapies are among the most common treatments for individuals who have Turner Syndrome (TS). Short stature affects at least 95% of all individuals with TS and is the most consistent and readily recognizable clinical feature of…

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Finding Answers to Your Questions about Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome blog

Amy and Chris are the parents of Avary, a wonderful, now four-year-old little girl who has Turner Syndrome (TS). They have long been advocates for TS awareness, having navigated the stages of coping with diagnosis, finding care, and parenting a…

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